Epos K2 Floor standing speakers

One day, people say it was a critical year for loudspeakers and might look back at 2014. The brand new K2 show is not a remarkable change of trajectory but it is definitely a clear move in a way that is particular. In several months' time, there will likely be a ActiveK module which will transform the K2 into something totally different...

Examine the rear and you will see it is not the most pretty. The lower portion of the back baffle was made to unbolt, as well as in its location the ActiveK module can be fit by you. Assembled into that is a Creek Audio power amplifier, complete with great quality, multi-input signal DAC with Bluetooth and asynchronous USB receiver. Unexpectedly, the K2s that are active are able to function as wireless speakers, and be driven from a variety of sources that are digital - or an analogue input signal.

In addition to offering a lot of functionality, convenience as well as the capability to avoid huge amounts of cartons that are hifi, there are sonic advantages to the K2's ActiveK model, since it replaces the passive crossover that is lossy with the active variant. Never have I heard an active variant of a loudspeaker that sounds worse as opposed to passive, and generally the sound quality advantages are not superficial. So purchasing in the K2 means you will possess a strong and clear upgrade course for the long run. Makes you question why energetic is not a thing that is popular, does not it?

We get an interesting small floorstander to listen to. Designer Luke Creek says the purpose of the passive variant would be to reduce crossover sophistication, "taking Epos back to its purist origins". To wit, unlike the Epic and Elan set all K series versions use first order tweeter crossovers. Additionally, it gives right stage integration through the crossover area.

The K2 is very diminutive because of its cost, and is the smaller of both new floorstanders. Actually it feels fairly tough, using 15mm MDF cabinet walls with a great deal of internal. The bass interface is not very common, being a layout that is slotted rather than a flared cylinder interface tube that is frequently seen on competitors.

The drive units constitute one 25mm silk dome tweeter using a "carefully designed" shorthorn faceplate that is supposed to cut back refraction distortion, and offer an even, on-axis result, with high sensitivity. This hands around to a 156mm mid/bass driver by means of a bullet along with a polypropylene cone shaped dust cover. Epos maintains an extensive frequency response 30kHz, 150W power management and 90dB sensitivity. The latter figure means it is fairly sensitive and ought to match lower-powered amplifiers better.

Sound quality

Basically, the brand new Epos has an extremely musical sound. It is not crazy, in your face and bright etched; instead it is confident, guaranteed and fairly laid back sounding. But whereas some loudspeakers that show these kind of characteristics wind up seeming quite dull, the Epos definitely doesn't. It includes the enchanting mixture of being relaxed in nature, but fantastically participating in activity.

Even at reasonably low amounts, it rebounds along and locks to the wonderful, lilting groove. There is an expression the music is out of the blue propulsive; the K2 actually comes with an inherent musicality that jazz, rock, reggae and pop fans will love. This bounce does not come at the expense because it seems a quite evenhanded performer - something that actually comes into its own with programme content that is ancient. 683 B&W's latest has a much more explicit upper group that makes the rhythm guitar work of the track seem a little scratchy.

It is this counterpoint between snare, bass drum, bass guitar, rhythm guitar and hi hat which makes Genius Of Love sublime; not every loudspeaker gets it, and everything subtle and unstable. There is in addition the dynamics to take into account, as well as the K2 tracks these brilliantly; it is not an excessively compressed tune, and that means you do actually get to listen to some light and shade in how the drums are played, for instance, as well as the Epos takes this very well.

This gives an ever so marginally soft and warm sound compared with one of these competitions, and it is also instead forgiving. While many cost competitors will ram Holiday down your throat and set on a brilliant, bracing tune like Madonna's it, the Epos steps back slightly. Instead, the emphasis is on bass and the lower group, rather than farther upwards. It provides the tune a silkiness which other loudspeakers at the cost deficiency, as well as a bit more body. The drum machine hi hats that are tinselly seem sophisticated.

The result is immersive, allowing you to get lost in its wall.

The Epos got to function as bass in the event you're likely to criticise it everywhere. By Elan's cost class' standards it is really great - but in absolute terms it does not quite have the opportunity to switch off and on like a square wave. It's somewhat diffuse and soft when all is said and done. When played at elevated amounts, it loses a little articulation and weight, and low down and perforate does not quite capture the physicality. I will be intrigued to see whether this alters, and I strongly suspect it'll. Yet, the speaker's low end never seems unstable and well balanced, and is outstanding in the price.


I have tried numerous GBP1,000 that was new floorstanders in the previous year, and standards are not low. Only at that price point, you are anticipating a variety of electricity management that is serious, broad frequency range with extended bass and treble, a great deal of detail, great soundstaging and delicacy. The K2 has these all, and more - really it is among the most powerful competitors and definitely the most amiable having an easy, even, open sound that makes an immediate line. There is nothing not to enjoy, as well as the choice that is active ought to be a blast.

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