Arcam Solo Mini Music system

The all in one system wasn't invented by Arcam, but it gave lots of street cred to the strain with the first Solo (that is still accessible) and this, the half-width variant.

CD's there, obviously, a slot-loading mechanism that is trouble-free and quiet in operation. Radio can also be constructed in, while DAB is handled by another smaller, one little module management FM and AM. Five line inputs can be found, four on one on a mini jack at the front phono sockets in the back, and next is a USB outlet for memory sticks and mobile players. Essentially you plug in through the phono sockets, although a fitting iPod dock can be obtained. Recording output signals and preamp can be purchased as well as front headphone minijack and the loudspeaker terminals. Just a digital input signal is not have. Top-mounted an extremely friendly screen and buttons make operation easy.

The application of adequate parts internally and unusually great building for the cost supports Arcam's claim. A big toroidal mains transformer, the complete largest while the end product section reveals the closest thing to signs of compromise with integrated circuit electricity points that may be fitted in the accessible volume - but these happen to be known to give excellent results.

Sound quality

Everyone loves to hear a little detail, and our listeners were quite taken with all the Solo Mini. It is only bad at working out this stuff, though, it is also great at conveying it efficiently, and rhythmic participation was rated as great too.

Tonally it is assured, with great bass extension and weight, although treble is sometimes a touch unpleasant as times. Imaging has both depth and width, using the sound extending out to the area. These results appear to hold up nicely with other sources, for example, onboard FM tuner that's quite satisfying.

Arcam Solo Mini Music system photo