Marantz UD8004 CD-player

The concept of universal cd players is old. They have existed in the kind of domestic cd players, in addition to computer drives to get quite a while, but the players usually are not quite that which you may anticipate in the description on the tin.

The players, for instance, have limited themselves to CD, DVD Audio and SACD, while computer drives will always contain DVD Video, Bluray and baseline sound compatibility in the type of compact disc. They definitely do not get their hands dirty with high resolution sound.

You can find exceptions, however, though this does not mean it'll play everything as well as the UD8004 is several steps closer to being a genuinely worldwide player than most. Additionally it is a high performance video player and certainly will play standard DVDs and Blu-ray discs (for which it's built with the HDMI output signal - v1.3). It's several extras that are intriguing also, like the power to play with SD card media, which adds compatibility with JPEGs and MP3s in a kind which will be more suitable than employing a cd. For instance, if transferring sound info from MP3 players.

Marantz comes with an impressive reputation for creating high end cd players to suit both sound (CD, SACD) and video (DVD, Blu ray) cd formats. This one does both, in one carton, which can be virtually unheard of elsewhere. The plan is basically a somewhat simplified variant of the UD9004 with similar superior amount aspirations, but at a cheaper cost and in a single main. There are quite few similar choices that are functionally.

It'll also output signal across several interfaces to other devices in multichannel and stereo, including HDMI as well as a wide selection of great-quality analogue interconnects.

Other notable internal hardware comprises an Anchor Bay AQBT2015 central processing unit to 1080p for upconversion of video, while sound processing involves a variation of the HDAM distinct output stage, which will be usually linked with this particular brand. The sound datastream calls for three different sound boards and complex power supplies. Control is exercised through an appealing, streamlined 'luminescence key' remote.

Bodywork that is amazing

Evaluating construct worth and quality is somewhat more complex than you'd anticipate.

The bodywork is just and lightweight a touch flimsy although some anti-resonance characteristics are a part of the double layer base. There is no headphone outlet, either. When settling down into its play styles the player can also be somewhat noisy and there's a low amount contribution in the internal cooling fan, though you'd just be prepared to hear a faint dashing sound between tracks in a room that is very silent.

The reply is an unequivocal yes. It performs just like the high end player it's, in an audio circumstance and both video. It does an extremely complicated job exceptionally well, and in a cost that's comparable to single goal players that together perform functions that are similar.

Suffice it to say, that is an actual high end video disc player too.

The prognosis is the Marantz has a bit more clout than the usual variety of SACD players, a number of which may seem a tad sluggish or laid back and is clean, lean and exquisitely detailed. The quality of the output signal had not been entirely beyond reproach, although that is no bad thing. Although the effect is subtle enough to be noticeable, there was a suggestion of granularity in the audio. It was no match, nevertheless, for the palpably innovative and more clear Denon DCD-SA1.

As you may get right now, but it's all about as close to executing the brief to get a true worldwide. It's not cheap, but measured against its abilities, not unreasonably so. It costs little more than half the cost of the main Marantz UD9004, as an example, which will be the parent model where it (and a lot of the 8004's technologies) derive.

But when you are trying to find a much more accessible option, a few of the recent Sony Blu-ray players (including some versions in the BDP-S series) are additionally effective at playing the high resolution audio only format, SACD, at far lower entry cost. DVD Audio is unavailable, but so what?

By any standards that is an impressive player, which completely earns its stripes for almost any standard sound (or video) program. Like many multi-function players it's somewhat slow and noisy, when trying to work out what was needed of some disk sorts, but nonetheless, it consistently got there in the end, while the internal cooling system never became a pain on evaluation - though it wasn't inaudible.

Marantz UD8004 CD-player photo