Arcam A19 Amplifier

The A19 is also among the more affordable amps in the evaluation and is the lowest amplifier. Regardless of this, you get a good sum for the £650. This layout comes with a MM phono stage as well as five analogue input signals. Interestingly, for people with no turntable and six input sources, the phono stage may be avoided and turned into yet another line input signal. The remote is not the absolute most significant apparatus and little, but is nicely laid out.

Using a power socket that will enable one to join an associate of the 'r' family without the requirement for a supplementary outlet, the Arcam is fitted on the back panel.

Across the front, it's business as usual for a FMJ merchandise using the fairly well-completed black casework livened up a little using a volume that is silver knob as well as the green screen that shows the volume and input signal amount now chosen. It'd be churlish to call the Arcam flimsy, although it does not feel as large as some of the layouts here.

Sound quality

In the beginning, the Arcam reveals some features which are in keeping with all the brand, but also some that are not shared with its forerunners and are mostly favorable. That is much more evident where an actual skill is shown by the A19 with all the piano, expressing weight and the size of the instrument quite efficiently. The top end sparkle the smoothness has and the open and airy performance is a welcome development, although it is Arcam.

It's somewhat less joyful when it comes to bass guitar, yet. The bass it creates is somewhat monotonal, although large, stealing booking and just a little delight in the performance. A sense is that its demonstration is in as well as somewhat mild currently being forgiving across most stuff, it's on occasions not somewhat hard.

This shouldn't detract from an amplifier that's well thought out adaptable - when it comes to set up given the bolt-on choices -and is really capable of an engrossing and very wealthy musical performance that will win many friends to it. The negligible dearth of control that is low end as well as the matter of fact demo with more competitive content does mean there are all rounders in the evaluation, though.

Arcam A19 Amplifier photo