Creek Evolution 50A Amplifier

Creek continues to be a strong competition in this cost section for years as well as the Evolution 50A is its latest offering to challenge the group.

For this end, the 50A makes usage of Creek's brand string of low impedance output signal capacitors to act as one component and a promised 200W transformer. If fitted, the module is automatically recognised by the program and adds it. The Creek can also be the sole amp here with the XLR input signal and another one of the input signals that are typical is a MM phono period that -given the firm's tradition in standalone layouts - ought to be quite great. A version that is digital is seemingly in the works.

Aesthetics are a private matter, but also for me the Creek is the best-appearing amp here by some border. The styling is modern and clean as well as the OLED screen makes others in the evaluation seem inexpensive.

Really the only criticism is the remote does not feel as unique as the remaining amp, but once again it's logically laid out and clear.

Sound quality

The Creek does not take quite long to demonstrate that it's over a pretty face. The Evolution 50A is not worse than another amp here at balancing smoothness and control together with the drive and approach needed to make satisfying and music convincing. What this means is that through the impeccable high resolution caliber of the Neil Cowley Trio and Muse pieces, the Creek is exceptionally open, in-depth and abundant in particular having an extremely reality that is real to them. The piano's treatment can also be incredibly gratifying as well as impact and the weight to the keys that are struck is up with all the finest in the group.

The Creek rises to the occasion when you ask it to take care of the more competitive and positive Scrape Huge and Aloe Blacc tracks with their somewhat more competitive fashion. There exists truth and a liveliness to the way in which it manages these quicker tunes and leaves you loving the music for an emotional level instead of analyzing it at a crucial one.

The look and construct make it feel unique the performance as soon as you cease admiring it as well as before you turn it on is also truly remarkable. The attribute count could be marginally down on a few here (even though it's far from minimalist), plus it's not the subterranean performer, but in the regions that matter it is an amplifier that is very persuasive really.

Creek Evolution 50A Amplifier photo