Cambridge Audio NP30 Network player

An easy, unassuming small box, in keeping with all the remaining Sonata range, the NP30 keeps matters simple on the output signal and input signal front, without really scrimping. Output Signal is digital electric and optical, or analogue on phono sockets.

Besides the apparent functions of playing from the computer network as well as local media, various web streaming services are reachable the platform of Cambridge Audio. Internet radio is there, needless to say, while our unit additionally offered us Aupeo MP3Tunes and BBC iPlayer. Filing with UuVol makes these more easy to browse.

The wireless connection uses an off the shelf USB-to-wireless dongle, kept in place with only the antenna connection - smart!

Sound quality Cambridge Audio NP30

Overall, our listeners struck with adequate detail, tempo and tonality, as a middling achiever, although not spectacular in any one place. The group in general did not always establish the highest standard for exhilaration, tempo and beat, but in the circumstance this was one with an upfront and comparatively dynamic presentation which kept musicians believable and rather present.

Detail was also fairly good, though as several remarks pointed out it is not necessarily very well incorporated, making to get a sonic image that is somewhat disjointed. Really, that is the best technique for the dull, although respectful reaction the NP30 received: each of the main strands does copy, but lacks a few of the internal details.

The sound appears unexciting and somewhat compressed, while a little subjective predilection making the sound exciting and upfront. We believed the sound was a touch less accurate via USB-linked local media than but there is not much - the unit's nature is not very inconsistent. In this group evaluation the competition is powerful, although it is adequate value in the purchase price.

Cambridge Audio NP30 Network player photo