Cambridge Audio Azur 650BD Blu-ray player

Is it hifi, is it home cinema, or can it be a little home computer gear? The 10 front-panel symbols denoting technologies that are particular imply at once that this can be a pretty well- while closer investigation does not disappoint.

It manages virtually every edition of silver cd - CD, DVD, SACD and Bluray. Despite that, the insides will not be actually any more busy than most CD- players. Or, at least, the circuit- board place is no larger - several of the processors only players have a squillion the internal transistor count as well as legs might be in the billions.

The DAC processor that is essential is from Cirrus and will manage six stations at 24-bit/192kHz resolution.

Complete set up requires a TV display (although without one) we managed with cautious usage, but obviously, for our primary goals, playing sound from SACD and CD, the choices that are set up are mostly insignificant. On the one hand, it is not likely this machine is going to be applied in audio systems that are pure, when seen as an SACD player, but on the opposite quite a cheap option really it.

Sound quality

Is it really any good? Undoubtedly yes, it's. It is tempting to believe that with all that unimportant video-associated gubbins flying about the 650BD will fight. They found it open, in-depth, musical and natural.

Cambridge should additionally not be especially unhappy with a few vocals that are sensational!

In once, musical qualities have become much to the preciseness as well as the fore is definitely in the service of artwork, rather. Performance is across CD and SACD and this actually is quite an simple player to love at any type of music. That it does so considerably video junk that is refined, along with multichannel audio (in case you have got the applications) just adds lustre to its worth that is sparkling.

Cambridge Audio Azur 650BD Blu-ray player photo