NAD D7050 Amplifier

You could think you have already seen the D7050 as it appears strikingly much like NAD's D3020 amp and D1050 DAC gracing our review pages in recent months. The D7050 here, nevertheless, is an entirely more comprehensive bundle, and uses the Direct Digital circuitry, handed down in the firm's high end Masters Series of NAD.

Fully being a digital amp means the D7050 is bereft of analogue input signals, but digital input signals are nicely functioned across four S/PDIF outlets shared over optical and coaxial, alongside USB and Ethernet interfaces. Output outlets incorporate a single pair of a headphone jack, loudspeaker terminals and an analogue preamp outside, which also can be configured to feed a subwoofer.

There is no committed internet radio player which means you have from an outside apparatus, like a pc to stream this.

The D7050 feel does not appear or act like most conventional hifi cartons, and it should be commended for daring to be distinct. The manner a la smartphone screen rotates, to be legible when placed flat or stood on end, is trendy.

In the flesh the comparing reflective finish and rubberised matt is classy, and its own two big rotary knobs (for input signal and volume) are easily regulated with only the appropriate quantity of resistance. Underneath its dextrous finish, the case is clearly created from plastic, even though it feels truly solid than many steel cartons in the exact same price bracket. Using a plastic case that does not block RF also means NAD can conceal the wifi and Bluetooth antennas of the unit in, negating back panel clutter of transmitters and dongles.

Placing the D7050 up is a wind. There is no therefore the remote that is fitting is called upon to bring the display to life.

The wifi symbol becomes static. Operation via the committed program of NAD is equally easy to get going. Once downloaded, just choose your device and enter your wifi key to be given access to all the characteristics of the D7050, including choosing input signals to defining the crossover point of the sub.

Sound quality

Feeding some of Audiovector Mi3 Touch floorstanders and fresh from the blocks, the NAD instantly presents itself. Unlike similarly priced products with powerful characters, it does not have an apparent penchant for one kind of music over another it just gets on with the occupation and attempts to unearth musical detail that is as much as it can gather.

Streaming the Walking On The Moon of The Police over AirPlay through my iPhone 4s garners cleaner than anticipated results, given the limits of software and the joined source hardware. The D7050 ensures Stewart Copeland's distinguishing cymbal flourishes inside the track are clear enough to permit the source's shortcomings and Andy Summers' guitar notes keep jangle that is adequate to bring my tweeters.

Using this streaming option actually throws the door open for this to present the way that it is able to unearth additional levels of subtlety, also it does not disappoint. The D7050 lets each haunting note hang with only the correct amount of natural ring in the air, controlling the tempo of the track.

The NAD keeps everything in check despite driving some of GBP3,000 loudspeakers, which present a small load.

It is a first class record the amp exposes with aplomb. Strong's electro-acoustic guitar strings seem to resonate with vibrancy that is special as well as the echo of the rimshot clinks take me closer. Not that you had understand the standard or content of the source from peeking in the NAD's front panel, as its minimalist screen just reveals volume, chosen input signal and wifi strength, thus there is no tune name, track info or file sort to interrogate.

The bass guitar is equally in power, although commanded terms it lacks a number of its own rivals' wallop.


The D7050 is a fashionable and well-planned program despite being loaded with streaming alternatives and digital input signals, that is achingly easy to use. What this implies is you will spend additional time loving your music, which gets to the heart of what hifi needs to be about. Sound shrewd the' digital DNA is obvious, also it could not possess the sonic scale or emotion to coincide with the very best of its own analogue competitors, but it is effortlessly smooth and clean seeming without being too smart or showing.

NAD D7050 Amplifier photo