Electrocompaniet PI-2 Amplifier

Despite somewhat patchy UK supply before, Electrocompaniet is a firm having a long and honourable history.

Characteristics and building will not be extremely from the common, although input signal lineup is somewhat unusual in having two balanced inputs alongside both ones that are unbalanced (all line level - there is no phono choice). Today, a total of four input signals is not that ample, but for most normal stereo systems, it'll suffice. Output is via one set of terminals per station. But if cash has been saved by Electrocompaniet on the connections, it's spent it in the amplifier. The mains transformer is fairly sizeable as well as the circuit board is well full of parts. The vast bulk are surface-mount components (including integrated circuit volume controls from Wolfson), but great-quality plastic film capacitors stand proud and power supply smoothing includes an extremely ample provision.

The circuit is apparently mainly double-mono, with different heatsinks for each channel on opposite sides. These run warmer than most (see laboratory report) so an adequate quantity of space throughout the amp for venting isn't an optional extra. Bipolar transistors are used by output phases, with two pairs for every channel supplying safe functioning -impedance loads. Operation is easy and trouble-free with one little exception: the initial press (front panel or remote) can occasionally cause volume though following measures will probably be right, shifting by one measure in the incorrect way


Just about the nearest were a few remarks about the last (operatic) track, which did not appear to have rather the scale, nor the amount that one or two others managed. Overall, however, the PI-2 made an an impression that was overwhelmingly favorable thanks not least to definition, its bass and dynamics.

What is maybe especially remarkable is the fact that praise was distributed over the different musical excerpts, which fluctuated extensively not only but in strategy to recording. The Led Zeppelin number, specifically, isn't a 'dean' record but, heard by means of this amp, it'd a lot of great soundstaging detail and a dynamic quality that made everyone wish for more.

One listener remarked that within the baroque track the violins seemed over-brilliant at times. Having said that, Electrocompaniet appears to get mastered the elusive art of maximising the great points of a record without losing its special flavour. Consequently, music becomes participating, powerful and vigorous, with a lot of detail, but most importantly, a sense of direction that is real.

Electrocompaniet PI-2 Amplifier photo