Focal Aria 926 Floor standing speakers

Exactly why could it be that some steaks taste like sundried cardboard, although some are dripping with flavour and possess the feel of butter that is warm? It is that easy a question to answer, could it be? The best possible food needs elements prepared in a skillful way that does not conceal the natural good of the highest quality,. And so it goes for loudspeakers also - no one formed an excellent one with cupboards and subpar drive components that were not fit for function. But only like steak a great loudspeaker could be destroyed if it is poorly served, or is n't cooked correctly.

That is why Focal's statement that it's utilizing a cone substance that is different in its new Aria 926 loudspeaker is more important than you might believe. The stuff that there is a cone created from is crucial, as it is the contact point between the atmosphere as well as the loudspeaker it's there to go.

Focal has used Polyglass for its lower- W sandwich and end layouts cones for Utopia ranges and its superior Electra. First started back in 1985, the former consisted of a cellulose pulp cone for great damping, jointly using a layer as a way to enhance the rigidity. Flax can be said to possess existed and utilized by the Egyptians as protective material for mummies. As luck would have it, France is the primary cultivator in Normandy, Picardy, Flanders as well as the Pas de Calais area - mainly in Europe - and it's also regarded as one of the very best on the planet. Flax is, nevertheless, therefore the two should produce a happy mix.

The Aria 926 is over simply some woofer/mid drivers, yet. In addition, it sports new tweeters with stage-optimised crossovers, plus an ageless and classic appearance for the cupboards compared with all the Refrain 800 set it replaces. Particularly, the brand new TNF high frequency unit fitted having a front plate waveguide for adequate dispersion and uses an aluminium/magnesium alloy inverted dome and high rigidity supported on Poron suspensor, which can be thought to help linearity. Midrange drivers and the woofer get special and Klippel optimised motor systems.

In contrast to the 800 series that is old, the cabinets of the brand new 926 appear to get evolved much. The finish is great, or even rather superlative, meaning these cartons can look classy they're.

In the casing is a mix of 24mm and 18mm high-density fibreboard, with attentive bracing and nonparallel sides. The cabs are loaded with one bottom-mounted reflex interface, when the provided aluminium plinths are fitted, which works right. Inside, the midrange and treble parts have their very own enclosures that are sealed with nonparallel walls. All in all, the new Focal presents itself and innovative loudspeaker, as well as proves not difficult to drive with amplifiers of electricity that is pretty small - including tube layouts.

Sound quality

The Focal family sound is usually sharp, extremely fast and participating; these speakers go loud force tough making them dynamic listens. As well as the new 926 does not lose these things that are great, but it appears to do everything than you had have got from the earlier 800 string. There is a way the brand new cone material gives a sound that is smoother and more subtle, yet it's no less comprehensive - really it is quite the opposite. The 926 is found by me to be a great ad for the new driver technology of its manufacturer, seeming as it does 'all of a bit' and truly quite natural. Surely it is never screechy - as some competitors can be - or muffled. Rather, it strikes at a considered balance that maintains all those essential features we love and understand from Focal appears to do things in an even handed and mature manner than the previous offerings of the firm only at that price point.

The effect is a huge, open and grand -sounding box that is in-depth and smooth from bottom to top. In once, those flax cones invest the group using a feel that is clear, meaning it's much better in a position to reveal the differences than many other cartons that are similarly priced. The Be Bop Deluxe phonograph record sounds a little smart and bracing, whereas Isaac Hayes' Stax- Shaft that is recorded is not a good deal cooler and sumptuous - it is not bad to be aware of the loudspeakers are not adding a sonic footprint that is too large.

The 926 is a gentleman that is real . Cafe Regio's, which will be a wonderfully abundant analogue track, is as warm as it ought to be shuffles along with no awareness the loudspeaker is losing the plot that is rhythmic. Although a small softer sounding, those flax cones are equally as quickly at catching the muffled pounding of the bass drum or the attack transients, as well as the effect is an incredibly satisfying yet unfatiguing listen. In total terms, there is a little little bit of heat in the top bass guitar, which will be obviously an issue with floorstanders that are bigger that are not hewn from granite. It is way from a disagreeable effect and really attentive room positioning minimises it additional, but you will hear tighter bass guitar sounds from loudspeakers that are chunkier farther up the Focal range.

You may think that with a group sound that is somewhat sweeter, the metal tweeter will stick out more than with preceding Focal cartons, but it proves smooth. At high volumes, this loudspeaker is very exceptional; distortion is not really high you could shove it up to the stage that the flares begin flapping, the Aria slamming vast tracks of complete, tuneful bass guitar outside without the merest breath of criticism. Throughout the mid, the 926 is outstanding - poised and quick and incredibly participating - and treble glistens away having a sharp yet smooth hihat sound that is wonderful.

Obviously, higher-end layouts - and especially panel loudspeakers like the 2805 of Quad - do better, but the 926 is quite persuasive. It appears to push past the plane of the loudspeakers rather readily, but does not ram the music. And instruments could hang back quite convincingly, also - together with the complete effect of an extremely broad and period-coherent acoustic guitar that is recorded.


As a lover of Focal loudspeakers, I've been conscious that they require a particular kind of source them for best results; their upfront and participating nature makes them tons of pleasure, however inferior front ends will not flatter happily. Now the fresh flax cones make the most recent mid-cost Focal loudspeakers a lot more amenable into a broad range of systems. You no more need need worry about partnering gear, and to make explanations. Overall these floorstanders that are new are an unqualified success; no truly love my time with even a good speaker and I would advise them to anyone in the marketplace for this kind of thing. With power, fire breeding and sophistication, there is a great deal to enjoy here.

Focal Aria 926 Floor standing speakers photo