Dynaudio Excite X16 Bookshelf speakers

The Dynaudio operation in Denmark is just one of comparatively few brands to have success in both national hifi loudspeaker marketplaces and the professional - one frequently finds BBC TV studios being furnished by Dynaudio loudspeakers, as an example.

But that is partially because of the high power managing conferred by the application of extra large-diameter voice coils on a lot of its own woofer/mid drivers.

The X16 sits one rung above the lowest version in the Excite variety, which describes why the loudspeaker is a bit bigger in primary motorist and both volume compared to group average. Our samples came concluded in the now fashionable high-polish black, one of half a dozen alternatives including high-polish white as well as a selection of four real-wood veneers (rosewood, cherry, maple and black ash).

Adapting that 180mm woofer/mid driver the X16 seems somewhat squat when compared with others in the group describes.

Both units are linked with an easy crossover network which uses high- quality parts and gentle, first-order 6dB/octave gradients. That is fed from one terminal pair that shares the rear panel using a generous size interface.


Despite great imaging and the' excellent neutrality, our Blind -Listening Group Evaluation panellists did not warm to the operation of the Excite X16. Really, delight was one thing that appeared to be lacking in this situation.

Relevant quotations from all the four panellists contained the following: Number one: 'Quite capable [but] lacking participation and some crispness.' Second panellist: 'dull if impartial [and] open...dull if dynamically literate...quite matter- of-fact, soulless.' And eventually: 'Monotone bass, really detail that is typical, slow.'

Not all the opinions were as essential as those, although they are real enough. The Excite X16 certainly has some real strengths, in wonderful equilibrium its fine neutrality and dynamics that is fairly expressive. It definitely reveals bass weight and greater strength in relation to the group average, but hands on listening did tend to validate the evaluation findings that it is also somewhat slow, and lacks coherence and the time of the finest in the group. Also, it additionally lacks sweetness and may get 'edgy' when driven hard.

Although the Excite X16 demonstrates high standards throughout, and appears to give respectable enough material worth, it finally proved somewhat unsatisfactory with musical sources. Probably the design criteria was based on acoustic guitar performance than musical replica?

Dynaudio Excite X16 Bookshelf speakers photo