Creek Destiny 2 Amplifier

Creek describes this model as its 'high-end' offering: that is not absolute, of course, but it is definitely true that that is the most fancy and most highly given model ever produced by the stalwart of wise audio that's Creek.

It is a very solid device very smart, fairly slimline, astonishingly heavy, and externally, thanks to its use of brushed aluminium for front top and side panels. Fit and finish are exceptional throughout and though it lacks the super-thick front panel that is the customary fitment for accurate high-end sound, it looks the part to an admirable amount.

Because there is a lot going on inside, it's heavy. A big mains transformer is required to support the ample power rating and, obviously, adequate -size heatsinks for the exact same reason. There's also an unexpectedly big bank of capacitors, something we've begun to recognise as a Creek hallmark: the idea is the fact that ten little capacitors connected in parallel make a more nearly perfect component (lower scattered resistance) than one single unit of ten times the value. The circuitry is not very simple, a fair bit of it being against various overload scenarios for protection.

Outputs and inputs are typical, having a phono stage being an optional extra, but there is one attribute you do not often find, hinted at by the front-panel button marked 'Active'. The preamp section of the Destiny 2 may be configured as either passive (no real amplification) or busy with gain of 3, 6 or 9dB. Passive manner was used by us for most listening; active looked to us a touch brighter, but also quite somewhat less thorough. No big deal.

Sound quality

Over and over again, to an almost comical extent, our listeners commented on how well-balanced this amplifier is. They clearly meant this in both clear tonal one greater than one sense and also the subtly different business of balancing instruments and the many voices inside a whole. That is an extremely definite plus, but there are other variables; what of dynamics and tempo, tempo, detail and sheer musical involvement?

Interestingly, only the last of these actually got a certain reference in any way and that favourably. Otherwise, our listeners' language was somewhat obscure, which we've learned from experience is generally an excellent sign - a sign that they are too interested in the music to wish to write concerning the sound it makes!

Hints at other factors and the detail suggest that these are between good and excellent.

If you crave the best in pace you may discover this amp but it's also worth saying that performance, if anything, gets a lot more assured at high levels.

Creek Destiny 2 Amplifier photo