Dynaudio DM3/7 Floor standing speakers

Among several varieties from this upmarket loudspeaker brand, the 'plain Jane' DM-series loudspeakers are mainly designed to join the center technologies of Dynaudio within costeffective suits of clothes.

But does appear awesome enough its own understated manner and additionally incorporates much of the essential engineering content discovered in the the expensive versions. of firm's it while the DM3/7 will not stand out in any fashion parade,

The DM3/7 is really latest of a DM-chain that now consists of three center a stereo pairs and front AV version. Really, given the DM2/10 lately vanished from the web site merchandise listings, it appears quite likely that the DM3/7 is really viewed the replacement for that big standmount.

The enclosure volume can be somewhat bigger (by about 20 per cent) as well as the interface is tuned into a somewhat lower frequency. Bungs are provided if favored, for obstructing the ports.

Another four faces that were observable are finished in either rosewood or black wood-effect laminate. Solid repair is provided by just a little MDF plinth for the 8mm spikes that are large, but does not raise the firmness footprint. Really, this can be in fact somewhat smaller in relation to the enclosure itself, which appears something of a wasted chance, but appears unlikely to pass the EC's 'rock evaluation' - though it is certainly not alone in this.

Technical specifications and aesthetics apart, when seen in the general context of today's hifi market, the cost might still look a little on the steep side to get a laminate-finish floorstander, but that's much related to the state of fabrication (in this particular instance Denmark) as well as the remarkable effect that Chinese production has had on driving down costs elsewhere.

What is more, little attention is paid by Dynaudio to the style fads that appear to drive the loudspeaker scene, it's one of not many producers to offer its products into the national and professional sound sectors, as well as though its various ranges often appear sober and limited.

The DM3/7 is innately really nicely balanced complete, albeit notably full through the bass area in standard (i.e. ports left open) manner and with the loudspeakers well clear of walls. This looks like the greatest allround compromise: using the interfaces to be blocked by the bungs might prove helpful, particularly when the loudspeakers must be set close to your wall. Nevertheless, close to-wall siting will foster the 50-100Hz octave, while maximum output signal is here delivered by the interfaces down at around 30Hz.

Experience shows that bass quality matters a lot more than the bottom end as well as relative quantity is definitely one of the strengths of this speaker even though the bass is powerful. And so the bass here is quite drawn-out and free from boom complete or thickening. It drives along with scale and great weight plus some power its delivery is obviously of the same quality or better than many others in its price category, and while it may not fit tension or the traction of bigger and more expensive layouts.

The sound quality is striking in the very best end of the band, also. The treble seems clear and pleasant while the critical transition through the voice band in the midrange to the treble is nicely managed, preventing any aggression additionally seeming extremely lucid and pretty open, and its comparative degree is beautifully judged. Stereo imaging is not bad also, at least in relation to its own principal focus. Surely no boxiness is obvious here, so picture depth is a bit confined, but group foil appears somewhat small.

Group is not as striking. while the DM3/7 performs very both ends of the sound group, Voices have coloration that is somewhat pinched and nasal - this isn't serious enough to be irritating, but it's perceptible as compared with benchmarks that are more expensive. There also appears to be a moderate reduction of dynamic expression here the general sound lacks some get up and go. It is all fairly smooth and inoffensive, with typically great total and neutrality equilibrium, specially when working at really low volumes, but it is not a particularly exciting encounter.

It is certainly not the sole important element in the total combination of engineering compromises which make up any layout while sound quality is certainly the main part of a loudspeaker. Because they are not small, cooling is comparatively efficient and power handling is, thus, prodigious.

Because of this, nevertheless, and despite using low density aluminium wire, the weight penalty ensures the susceptibility that is group is very small. And even though some Dynaudio models are not not as demanding than the load, it is still fairly strong.

There's much to enjoy about the DM3/7. It seems quite appealing in the generally unobtrusive fashion, though a bigger plinth would enhance the look as well as the general firmness of the firm.

Dynaudio DM3/7 Floor standing speakers photo