Cabasse MT32 Antigua Bookshelf speakers

Among the more intriguing points of discussion in part layout is whether it is wise to upgrade a range by creating a 'clean sheet' design that embodies some brand features or to have a layout and develop it over a number of revisions to allow it to be better each time. This variation is the MT layout that is sixth and there are a number of essential differences, though similar to what's come before.

As a standmount, it does not profit from plinth organizations which were applied to the bigger Jersey floorstander and the new port, but the other changes are contained. This chooses theory and technology from bonkers and the brilliant -appearing L'Ocean spherical that is coaxial loudspeaker. This ought to result in a more even performance across a variety of seating postures and prevents any clear sweet spot.

Other elements continue as before. The drivers were created and constructed inhouse and Cabasse is pleased with all the tweeter. In the Antigua, this can be partnered using a single 170mm mid/woofer driver, which airs out via a front port that was reasonably sizeable.

'Pretty sizeable' is additionally an appropriate description for the Antigua's measurements. Standmount the 170mm driver is a class that is pretty nicely populated, but the Cabasse is undoubtedly towards the top end of the size graphs in the cost. The appearance is more practical than pretty, although the Cabasse is scarcely an awful loudspeaker.

A part of this is to the finish. Cabasse describes it as 'ebony' and says it includes a variety of colors to get a natural black, but it looks black, having an interesting, nearly consequently and corduroy effect, not urgently inspiring.

The Antigua is nicely ended for the cost as well as the general construction feels incredibly strong. There are a number of fine touches such as the large and well-spaced single cable speaker terminals that can take just about of wiring up without problem, any gauge.

Sound quality

There are a number of truly positive facets to the Antigua also. The leading interface gives to your loudspeaker which is completely unfussy about positioning and appears to possess some features that are quite benign. Provided a modest amount of toe in is used, they are sometimes put an important distance apart without changing the susceptibility as well as the soundstage is not bad too. This appears believable in and Cabasse maintains an amount practise making the Antigua a simple load for all but the inanimate of amplifiers.

On a Naim SuperNait 2's conclusion, the Cabasse shows some truly likeable features in the off. There's a cohesiveness to the way in which to the way that it sounds from various listening places which is remarkable, it makes music and uniformity.

In this soundstage, the Antigua manages to seem exciting and in-depth but concurrently, incredibly hard to arouse into aggression or harshness. Together with The BBC Philharmonic Orchestra In Concert as well as the brilliant John Grant, the Antigua handles impact and the rough edges using a grace that manages to prevent losing the delight of the record. There's a sweetness to the way that it works in the midrange that's incredibly simple and pleasing to listen to. There's no lack of headroom. It's civilised and both simple to operate a vehicle to boisterous volume amounts when you shove on them there.

This coherence and awareness of enjoyment does a fantastic trick of disguising the reality that for ample bass port and most of the sizeable cupboard dimensions, it is not an especially strong performer. The bass is nicely incorporated with the remaining frequency response and tuneful, but never goes as low as you could expect it to. You might expect when used at comparatively high listening levels, the Antigua does not deliver rather the bass punch. While I shall consistently select a loudspeaker that's great bass over depth that is numerous, you will find loudspeakers the Antigua pitches up against which are joyful to do both. In case your musical preferences tend from the bombastic, you're not likely to feel short changed, but also for those that enjoy significant rock and a small electronica, the Antigua occasionally feels like it is holding back. Happily, I've no such criticisms regarding the leading end, which covers the upper reaches and manages to remain restricted and smooth right to the very best of its own extension.

Arguably, these characteristics have not been mainly absent in the MT chain but where the MT32 moves on from earlier versions is a better readiness possess a little pleasure and to get the head. Replacing Cambridge Audio's gifted but instead straighter-laced Azur 851A amp however sees the Antigua ready to groove. Dr John's Right Place, Wrong Time's deep south blues rock has a straightforward awareness of enjoyment which is really a joy. The Antigua's power to get the emotion is a catchy thought but after some time spent in its business, it's clear that it's seriously proficient at it.


It looks agnostic as regards the gear that you just partner it with to accomplish this and is unfailingly joyful having a huge collection of music. The Antigua MT32 is much from the alluring loudspeaker in the cost section, but the policy of constant development of Cabasse ensures that it ranks among the very best it provides.

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