Audiolab 8200A Amplifier

Any hi-fi buff who has not learned of Audiolab honestly is not one. It was refined enough for the classical music of Father could pour out serious levels of electricity for young Gary's celebrations, when the people went out without going bang.

The brand found a reversal of possession of a decade past, and ilie products are manufactured in China. Really nicely made, as it seems, as the casework is better ended than Huntington Audiolab age, and there is no cause for grievance with all the styling.

The 8200a is basically the and was 'audiophile Audiolab', unlike the switchable bass and treble of the first 8000a) controls (by virtue. It has a record out selector because of its six input signals - in spite of the truth that mainstream hifi makers fake that no one records anything it is an extremely useful feature for some. It is also got a smart front panel control that allows you to use the amp in electricity mode, pre or incorporated.

Sound quality

Clear and Spry /just about sums up it, lacking as it does any want embellish or to warm the sound. Rather than that, you get a demonstration that was matter of fact, one although some would favor the bitter medicine which is tlieii music group that some aspect as nothing less than vital for superior hifi separates sweetened only a touch!

The Audiolab sounded pretty in the home using a balanced complete presentation, a clean and delicately etched group and an adequate rhythmic stream to the music, on the Vivaldi piece. Still, it was not just rousing, the panel felt. The Audiolab appeared to go at its own tempo, in a unique way, getting on with all the occupation in a fashion that was somewhat joyless.

Going to the pounding electronica of Martin Gore and Vince Clarke, which amp sounded a little diffuse. Bass Guitar wasn't as weak as the Yamaha A-S500 that is much more affordable - it was decent but nothing more. Rhythms were not unreasonable, but nothing specific.

About the Jim White track, one listener noted that, "I believed someone had put a cloak on the loudspeaker", such was the general deficiency of group detail. The opening rain sound effect was especially muffled.

Across a variety of reference content, the 8200a sounded somewhat underpowered and processed. Unlike the outstanding fitting CD player of the firm, there was little to actually pull you to the music. Which is a pity actually...

Audiolab 8200A Amplifier photo