Yamaha A-S500 Amplifier

Match with the A-S500, afterward. We reviewed its high-priced A-S2000 big brother in March, and it is a case of deja vu once again. Really, despite being not many countless pounds more expensive, it has seemingly lost fewer knobs and comparatively few watts.

Despite being the most affordable in this group with a country mile, the Yamaha seems - on the surface -to give away. The standard of its own casework is much better than just, and the Cambridge Audio 651A by way of example Cyrus 6A and the Audiolab 8200A better it. The knobs go using a precision feel; there is little sense that you are sitting in hifi's affordable seats. Variable because attribute fascia that is festooned, in there is any money left to place anything inside the carton and you wonder.

A record out selector as well as switchable loudspeaker sets are contained, and there is even a varying loudness control - a real blast from the past of Yamaha. Greatest left alone, using the Pure Direct button set, we discovered.

Sound quality

A fascinating one, this - an object lesson in capable and affordable solid state amplification, you could say. Having reviewed the A-S2000, there is undoubtedly a house sound to the present variety of products of Yamaha. Anticipate a big hearted, strong nature that is a little - but never overly - upfront, and you've got the measure of the A-S500...

Beginning using the Vivaldi track, it was clear in the word go this amp is not any shrinking violet.

The Yamaha was commended by one panelist as it actually gave a feeling of body. 'You could feel the intention there", he explained. Time was also normally applauded, the force of character shoving along the music of this amplifier.

It proved a little difficult. The A-S500 features a large, bass that is fulsome but the panel believed it sounded 'chrome plated', which actually demonstrated on the electronica of VCMG. Yet again, the bottom end that is purposeful impressed the listeners, and they enjoyed its grippy detail also, the amp giving an extremely visceral feel to that bass line that is synthesised.

Everything was explicit and etched, nothing was left to the imagination, regardless of what kind of music you played.

As the Yamaha lacked subtlety that was its difficulty. Imaging was believed not a little strong, also. Overall a good performer for the cash.

Yamaha A-S500 Amplifier photo