Yamaha A-S2000 Amplifier

Retro in styling, hi fi buffs of a particular age will find themselves warped right back. Really it is so authentically detailed that it seems entirely in keeping sat next to CT-7000 tuner! The A-S2000 is an excellent bit of styling afterward, and distinct also, as it's to the eye; totally clear taking into consideration the cost, although it is not quite as exotic.

The fascia manages to seem slick despite its profusion although this is deferrable, the only amp here to have bass and treble adjustment it, as an example. The MM/MC phono period (that is normal) is front panel selectable. In addition, there are some of tape, one pair as well as four pairs of RCA phono inputs in/ outs - plus two pairs of loudspeaker binding posts.

Yamaha says this incorporated uses a completely balanced preamplifier part, and "a completely new" floating and balanced power amp with signals routed symmetrically. Four big capacity power supplies are fitted, plus phono amplifiers and totally distinct headphone, the latter with a committed MC head amp.

Sound quality

I summed up the large A-S2000 in a sentence. 'This is warm and smooth and seems a bit closed in and inoffensive", he explained. For instance, the Buddy Rich track had creamy triangles, a fine brass tone and a lot of detail, although it sensed a touch lacking in sparkle and life. We included he believed Buddy had "lost interest and vanished to the mixture':, such was the amp's somewhat dispassionate nature.

The Yamaha's footsteps were covered by it cleverly there was consistently a good sense.

Tonally it had been pretty neutral, only a tad more brilliant compared to Roksan that is somewhat loaded, although this established to other upper group instruments along with snare drums having a little tizzy artifice. Bass was somewhat warm, although mild mannered all the same; JB included that it was more weighty in relation to the Roksan Caspian M2. AW concurred, saying it had tons of power but could not be disturbed occasionally".

Overall the Yamaha came over as a capable but impassive amp, apparently designed by committee to seem nice without anyone that was really inspiring.

Yamaha A-S2000 Amplifier photo