Dali Epicon 6 Floor standing speakers

The Epicon set sits behind the powerful Megaline main only in penultimate spot in the extensive range of DALI. Is the standmount Epicon 2, which will be a two way. Then there is the 6 confusingly described as a 'two-and-a-half way plus half way1 due to the thread supertweeter. All three are concluded into a fantastic standard, and the one they sent me fit that finish using its audio...

The organization made a decision to return to fundamentals, with magnet technology in a effort to lessen distortion only at that essential point in its cone drivers. To be able to get this done, it developed a unique applications for evaluating the behavior of the voice coil in the magnetic opening that forms the core of the motor system of each drive unit. DALI additionally needed to construct a customised measurement setup for profiling what this software really realized, and especially to find out when parameters were altered, exactly what the magnetic flux did.

DALI identified several problems in this region, such as the fact inductance changes together with the place of the coil in the magnetic opening. Happens when it moves forwards the reverse and this makes the drive unit hard to restrain. The solution to this of DALI consists of two aluminium bands round the post piece, which efficiently linearise voice coil inductance.

That's, variations in the signal cause variations in the power of the magnetic field which is looking to control the drive unit. A unique flux is generated by the current in the voice coil, albeit at an amount that is comparatively low. After extensive research that was found by DALI, through the use of a granulated iron that is similar to composite rock in that both are made from fine particles.

SMC has electric conductivity that is really low, and by putting it near the voice coil and the magnetic opening you get a 'significant reduction' in current-created flux modulation, as stated by the research. This means greater linearity and therefore more exact control that is magnetic. The organization has created a white paper with a few colourful graphs to show if you're of a technical set then and what it's attained it is worth looking up, but as the actual evidence is in the listening.

The Epicon 6 is a finished loudspeaker in a elegant boat tail contour, the finish is the effect of ten layers of lacquer that are used before the machining for terminals, interfaces and drive units because it is so thick. The keystone of the cupboard attaches that curve round to the 33mm front baffle and is 53mm thick.

That which you can not see are the ventilation cutouts on the interior around the primary drivers, these are designed to help air flow inside the cupboard, similarly the interfaces are set right behind the primary drivers optimise passing result and in order to minimise delay.

The mid/bass drivers possess a fresh generation of the wood fibre cone of DALI with a low loss environment, the organization is anti damping on account of the non-linearities it introduces,

Favoring to conduct energy as opposed to attempting to turn it.

Ribbon and the dome that take good care of treble between them are mounted in a diecast aluminium foundation that has different enclosures for every motorist. The bigger-than-typical 29mm lightweight dome has fluid cooling for increased power management, and covers all the high frequency spectrum. It hands over to a 55mm thread which does the supertweeting and rolls in completely by 15kHz. The crossover has its enclosure so that you can get around the negative effects of pressure variations, the very first time I Have heard of this being an issue, but the sense is explained by Lars Worre.

Sound quality

Hooking the Epicons up, you can not help but see the tremendous, gleaming binding posts and gold plated linking bars using two runs of cable. The posts I found have the capacity to clamp a 4mm banana plug as well as the linking bars possess the capacity to shut the sound down.

This loudspeaker sounds considerably better bi-wired than single wired, not totally the fault of the linking bars, but previous experience shows the strong link strategy (although amazing to look at) isn't sonically valuable and you are better off linking bi-wire terminals with loudspeaker cable.

It is speaker that is fully effordess.

It is loud or slow or laid back, it is simply devoid of grain and glare and contains vanishing degrees of distortion that is perceived. What this means is that it answers to the sign in a showing and speedy manner, allowing you to hear the record in full effect as well as the character of the musician. Its demonstration is replete with detail, the word comes up numerous times within my notes because there's much to be heard when it comes to timbre, leading edges and each of the subde nuances which go into turning a sound right into a note that is completely figured.

It appears to get the nimbleness that one associates with group, however joins this with power and expansion.

The Epicon has low end dynamics that is uncanny, which along with the simple resolution of the remaining part of the group makes to get a thrilling musical experience which never threatens to exhaustion. It is especially great at recreating the feeling on a live record, bringing the concert a concert that could have occurred decades past at that, to your own family room.

Inside my case it was Frank Zappa playing with Yo' Mama. It could be that I haven't played this piece in a while, but it established a transporting and psychological encounter, the amount of communicating from musician to crowd being tremendously strong. This loudspeaker is extremely great at relaying thickly filled music and simply enjoyed manner, you'll be able to hear particularly if it is in the bass guitar and what is happening throughout the group even though it is way down in the mixture.


The Epicon 6 is a revealing and very striking loudspeaker which is completed to some standard that is past and above the call. The motor system technology that DALI has developed places the firm in competition with all the greatest names in the organization and gives clear skill to this loudspeaker. It is not cheap, also it needs the proper amplifier but 'twas ever thus. The purpose is the fact that when you get the system this becomes a loudspeaker that is outstanding.

Dali Epicon 6 Floor standing speakers photo