Vieta VH-HA100 Amplifier

Some say as we all know it's reached the end that divides hi fi. The argument goes that the planet is going wireless, and we'll all be needing ultra market merchandises to represent our varied lifestyles. Fascinating afterward to see another hifi brand that is new appear - new at least to these coasts as Vieta has existed for almost 60 years. You wouldn't call it a specialist audiophile business in the Cambridge Audio sense however, as it does make sound, auto kit and cans also, and has had no little measure of success. Despite costing under GBP300, the HA100 is the most effective product in the amplifier variety, while offering a promised 100W (on the web site) although it is not clear how this is in fact quantified.

Still, some of the versions on evaluation are not more powerful than the lavish's top plate, and it is pretty competitive with regard to its own specification. There is a selection of a MM phono stage and four line inputs, although no DAC is offered.

When running it runs not astonishingly cold, definitely more so here.

Sound quality

It is definitely rather distinct and strikes a balance that is somewhat different having a bottom end that is reasonably fulsome. Moving up the scale the group is enjoyably grand, although I wouldn't say bass is special, but it's more weight than most in this evaluation. It proves nicely capable to eke out plenty of detail, and provides strong, larger-than-life feel to the Kraftwerk track, for instance. It seems clearer, and a whole lot sweeter compared to Pioneer A-50 and less opaque as opposed to Yamaha, even though it can not quite match the Marantz PM6005 and Cambridge Audio 651A. Treble is not especially broad, but it is sweet and nicely smooth, and collectively the Vieta presents a quite listenable sound at the cost; I especially enjoy its vocal quality.

It impresses using its time, also. It is somewhat indistinct in comparison with Marantz or the Cambridge Audio, and appears to dampen attack transients which slows things down somewhat, but this small amplifier proves extremely quite expressive. The Squeeze tune is great pleasure, rebounding along inside a fairly ample recorded acoustic guitar. Unfortunately however, this amp does not run up to amounts that are high rather as gracefully as some here, so it will not be a first pick for pupil celebrations. That is really a remarkable amplifier in its way, unassuming but satisfying.

Vieta VH-HA100 Amplifier photo