Denon AVR-X4100W AV-receiver

A cursory glance might indicate that the AVR-X4100W looks similar to any other receiver released in the last decade in the Denon stable. But that opinion could not be farther from the truth. Everything from attribute set to UI continues to be radically passed while the fundamental form factor assures comfy familiarity. It is an AVR ripped in the science labs an AV heart of tomorrow, in a Starfleet uniform.

The AVR-X4100W is Dolby Atmos-able from the carton, and from the year's finish you will have the ability to get a firmware upgrade

Despite its inherent sophistication, this whizzbang carton is not that challenging to drive. Substantial improvements have been made by Denon to complete usability. Niggles and the quirks of oldschool receivers are (mostly) remarkable by their lack.

With instructions that are uncomplicated and clear graphical pictures, it takes away much of the pain usually related to a home cinema setup. During playback, an information display helpfully shows the way the AVR is coping with it and what is incoming regarding source content.

This amp boasts incorporated WiFi also, and supports Bluetooth and Apple AirPlay.

The receiver has seven back-facing three output signals and HDMIs, plus one more fascia input for second zone, projector and display.

Rather what the ramifications of the will be are not yet been discovered. It may be no huge deal. I experienced a recent chat on the subject who appeared to conclude that provided that display device and the origin could handshake it did not much matter what was in between it enabled a passthrough that is clear.

The AVR-X4100W is a seven-channel layout, using the the choice -channel processing via added stereo amplification. Generally, users will select either a Atmos 5.1.2 loudspeaker layout, or a conventional seven-channel environment one.

Network services are now restricted to Flickr and internet radio, although media player functionality is comprehensive.

Becoming set up

Audyssey MultEQ XT32 vehicle calibration enables multiple listening points. This can not be avoided as it is crucial to putting Dolby Atmos characteristics. Happily the algorithm does a pretty good job.

Denon has work related to its loudspeaker UI, however. Included in the set up routine you should pre-select the layout of your receiver Delegate menu. This gives the possibility of mandating seven or a Dolby Atmos -channel layout. Counterintuitively, the Atmos setting that is committed now will not support Dolby Atmos-empowered upfiring loudspeakers, offering just choices that are in ceiling (four or two). As a result, it will exclusively be utilized in case your theater has physical ceiling loudspeakers. Dolby-empowered loudspeakers, nevertheless, are supported when you select the seven-channel layout. A Atmos bitstream will be also recognised by this mode. Denon says confusion will be resolved by it by way of a firmware upgrade in due course.

With sister brand Definitive Technology's A60, I partnered the AVR for my Atmos work out reflecting loudspeakers (or Raising modules, as they are referred to by Def Tech) . Priced at £400 per pair, they are now the biggest committed upfirers accessible, but ingeniously dock along with the floorstanding of Def Tech (and amazing) BP8060s (£1,700 per pair). My still small Atmos content choice includes Transformers: Age of Extinction and Dolby's preview selection.

The AVR-X4100W is nothing if not short. At benchmark amount it shakes it until everything rattles and catches your listening room. But this receiver can also be dynamic and rapid, making to get a exciting listen. Transformers' soundmix is thunderously complex the Denon AVR-X4100W keeps an eye on the destruction, with superior midrange delineation and pinpoint picture positioning. And fed cuisine that is more serene it may seem nearly lyrical. Dolby's Atmos previews, with tropical rain, insects and birdsong, all audio naturalistic.

Sound evangelist

At times the AVR-X4100W can look somewhat heavy handed, especially in regards to fine aspect that is toppy; miniature components in the mixture could be confused. The jungle canopy in the Amaze preview of Dolby seems a little more compact than when it was heard by me through Onkyo's TX-NR838.

Having said that, this receiver is not extremely rough. This becomes clear when taken from Atmos land and reconfigured right into a seven-station flat layout. The futuristic panning that characterises sci fi actioner Oblivion is glossy. Really, there is an ability of existence about the soundfield that suggests of performance that is truly high end, and at times I really favored the rear-back array. Sadly, loudspeaker and amp topography does not enable both layouts to be serviced. There are different speaker terminals for (Atmos) front width loudspeakers and height, rear back.

All in all, the AVR-X4100W is an AV receiver that is first rate. It is brilliantly equipped, deeply immersive however capable of unplugged elegance with high resolution sound sources. For enthusiasts waiting to jump the 3D sound bandwagon, it is a tempting upgrade that is powerful.

Denon AVR-X4100W AV-receiver photo