Marantz NA-11S1 Network player

The NA-11S1 of Marantz is similar in functionality that it is effectively a DAC that additionally offers streaming to media.

There is also Apple AirPlay connectivity, so you can stream music from iDevice at Apple Lossless quality or your pc.

Marantz has selected the BridgeCo network platform that was popular here. Ken Ishiwata says this is partially additionally as the organization has used it widely in its range, and as it offers Apple AirPlay.

DAC section, flowing board, the electricity supplies and analogue output phases are each segregated from one another and the latter is completely balanced, and sports HDAM modules and Marantz's HDAM-SA2. The unit uses passive componentry that is carefully chosen, and another section comprising a dedicated headphone amplifier.

The unit is completed, and its own sculpted fascia sports Marantz's corporate design flourish 'mood light' pouring in the central column. Ergonomically it's clear-cut, using the chief functions - input signal and track choice - given their particular buttons, as well as the remainder is left to your menu. Just like the fascia screen, the distant disappoints - it is part metal, part plastic, and the front panel is a dog's dinner of fiddly buttons.

Brand sound

No matter input signal, the NA-11S1 proved an exceptionally capable performer with Marantz's logo clear, tidy and open sound. Working using a Cyrus transportation linked through the electric coaxial input signal in DAC style, this large black box trod the sensitive path between forensic and euphonic. Generally, it proved agnostic in regards to the kind of programme content used.

'Cafe Regios' demonstrated an auditory encounter that was astonishing, using a big and lively recorded acoustic guitar interior which the devices were locked closely. The music gave the feeling, although the soundstage did not fall back far.

The bass guitar was sinewy and powerful than overblown and chubby, without any awareness of rhythmic slurring. It proved fairly even, with only the merest glint over the upper group and treble, making to get a light, breezy, open window to the music.

96kHz was bubbling with detail; electric guitars were natural and clear, joining a raw edge using a wonderful tonal fullness.

The NA-11S1's DSD performance proved superlative. The acoustic guitar work was empyreal and effortless.


Marantz's new NA-11S1 reveals just what's possible from modern high res digital sources. It includes various facilities, including USB supply and stable streaming, and is attractively constructed. BridgeCo's detailed, smooth and subtle sound establishes an enviable standard.

Marantz NA-11S1 Network player photo