Lindemann Musicbook 20 Network player

Lindemann is a boutique brand situated near Munich, and founded in 1992. While its stock in trade continues to be high end parts, the business is currently making a variety of products that were streamlined dubbed Musicbook, targeting what's sees as a tendency.

There are four Musicbook source elements, which are preamplifiers -ended (RCA) analogue inputs and four digital inputs (two Toslink two RCA,). Lindemann Musicbook 15 and the Lindemann Musicbook 10 feature asynchronous USB input signals as opposed to network players.

In addition they have distinct Class A headphone amplifiers constructed in. A resistor network governs output Signal to control volume. Channel balance, fixed and screen brightness/variable output signal modes are set in the setup menu, using the provided IR handset. Nevertheless, you have to possess smartphone or a tablet pc to browse music files, because this is the only means to choose music. Lindemann's Musicbook app (iOS and Android) is exceptional: it lets you custom-name the input signals of the MB.

Showing a 'warm' group character and having a glossy smoothness the Musicbook 2 0proved to be an enchanting and enchanting music player. It was also exceptionally transparent to variations in the caliber of records - more forgiving of shortcomings than the more matter of fact Pioneer, maybe due to subjectively 'pleasanter' high frequencies. It had been judged more similar in this regard.

The Naim ND5 XS couldn't be matched by it with Melphi's, particularly in terms of dynamic shading 'Drop', however the Musicbook 20 was highly commended by our panel, where the jazz combo increase the pressure and vocalist Lotte van Drunen lets rip. The performance of the Minnesota Orchestra had us transfixed thanks to its supremely 'deep' silences and wonderful awareness of instrument positioning and sound stage depth.

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