Monitor Audio Gold GX200 Floor standing speakers

All the 'GX' loudspeakers in the Gold Series of the Essex business use a version of its own ribbon tweeter that is bespoke developed because of its main Platinum Collection versions.

Its motorists are made by monitor Audio from an alloy called CCAM: Ceramic-Coated Aluminium/Magnesium. The sandwich cones have a 50micron coating while radial ribs plan to increase cone rigidity. Cosmetically the layout is ultra clean and modern, with grilles that are magnetic with no motorist fasteners that are observable. Each drive unit is fixed to the baffle with a lengthy bolt that passes to the trunk of every motorist's motor unit in the backside of the cupboard. The bolts add rigidity to the enclosure whose building laminations up into a depth of 20 mm creates sculpted shape. Cupboard finish is immaculate.

A fluted interface ports in the back, as well as the gold plated bi-wire/ biamp terminals are linked with wire jumpers produced from an identical Monitor Audio 'Pureflow' silver plated OFC cable used.

Monitor Audio's house sound was clear in the beginning, its character being that of openness and clear, dazzling clarity.

With Adele's 'Rolling In The Deep' fine aspect was concluded by the GX200 in the record's creation which other loudspeakers in this group mostly glossed over.

Such incredible resolution of low level element helps create holographic pictures of musicians performing within an acoustic space. The Patricia Barber record sounded incredibly three dimensional, and with Reference Recordings' high resolution record came alive, the fine element of percussion in the orchestra provided with electrostatic-like foil.

Criticisms? Well, they are a tad thin, demanding back wall support out the bass. This is the way they have been designed, yet: to serve up big pictures in small-sized rooms.

Monitor Audio Gold GX200 Floor standing speakers photo