Spendor A3 Floor standing speakers

As with Spendor's bigger versions in its A Series lineup, the A3 seems pretty nondescript as a result of its simple rectangular sharp-edged cupboard.

Perfect for little listening spaces and extremely compact, the A3 stands only 75cm tall on a black built-in plinth which has steel stabiliser inserts - fixed right to the cabinet's primary construction - for taking the provided carpeting-piercing spikes. Close inspection shows the cupboard finish to be truly outstanding, the genuine wood veneers. The woofer/mid driver of the A3 is a 150mm unit using a 90mm polymer cone as well as a magnesium alloy chassis using an environment that is wide.

In the back is a single set as well as a big port. The terminals are placed two thirds of the way up the cupboard, which makes it tricky to keep trailing cables tidy and neat, but this does infer that internal wiring has been kept as brief as possible.

Given the streamlined character commendable bass weight was delivered by it, seeming earthy and full bodied when reproducing the daring, sumptuous record of Tom Jones' 'What Good Am I?'. It delivered an atmospheric and deep soundstage, the Welsh maestro's voice sounded clearly 'clean' and good-concentrated - as did the voices the small Spendor A3 providing exceptional clarity through the group.

Yet while expressed, offering relaxed 'listenability' and proving enjoyable to hear even with 'hot' records, it seems a little 'safe'.

What the A3 lacks is openness and atmosphere.

As with all the Totem Sttaf, when trying to copy Reference Recordings' hires offering of the Minnesota Orchestra's high fidelity splendor the Spendor A3 just could not carry dynamics and the bandwidth . The strings were a congealed whole rather than many different instruments while the concert hall's acoustic space was glossed over completely.

Spendor A3 Floor standing speakers photo