Those assembling a library of hi res digital downloads should buy hires able USB-to-S/PDIF converter (or make use of a computer with a proper soundcard) to take complete benefit of the possibility of the Rega DAC.

The DAC uses PLL that have their very own dedicated power supplies and a Wolfson digital receiver, as well as some of parallel-connected Wolfson WM8742 DACs driven by means of a buffer position - similar to the organization found in the Isis main CD player, says Rega. No sample rate conversion is used, instead information is processed to minimise signal processing.

You can tie yourself in knots attempting to discover which digital filter feature you would like. I definitely did - coming to the final outcome it will often be source record dependent. Sooner or later, the majority was done using 'filter 3'.

The Rega DAC seemed especially strong and dynamic (via coaxial S/PDIF) having an awareness of immediacy that controlled attention. Seal's sung in 'Killer' was exceptionally explicit also, the Rega DAC making his diction an easy task to decipher in the record on the myriad percussive embellishments.

Glorious was also seemed by the DAC with our chosen hires records, the excerpt from Stravinsky's Firebird certainly sounding more open and natural even though the Cambridge Audio DacMagic 100 and Musical Fidelity DACs described the colour under evaluation.

Via USB the Rega seemed less wholesome and skimpier, having an inclination to stridency. And this time the Beck and Seal tracks had a 'fizzy advantage' to percussion.

Rega DAC DAC photo
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