KEF XQ30 Floor standing speakers

The XQ range remains fairly high up an impressively big number of home cinema and hifi speaker systems. The smaller this £1,500 XQ30 of two floorstanders, is a streamlined and appealing layout, based around a recent development of KEF's proprietary Uni-Q driver.

The 130mm Uni-Q driver is a 'coincident' version on the motif that is coaxial, using ultra-compact neodymium magnets to put a tweeter that is small in the middle of the bass/middle cone. Base the curved top and sides help boost the stiffness and prevent focusing and concentrating the internal standing waves.

Outriggers at the back improve stability, though the somewhat dull cone feet seem better satisfied than carpeting to tough floorings.


The listening test results for this quite fashionable-looking loudspeaker were somewhat unsatisfactory, using the panel consenting to give it the day's lowest marks.

Although usually called enjoyable and smooth complimentary adjectives like 'slow' and 'vapid' also appeared, along with criticisms that dynamics were quite muffled and that fine element was not easy to make out.

While there is no questioning the panel findings, they do not appear fortunate to get a layout from a leading and reputable brand that appears to tick most of the boxes. Additional hands on assessment appeared rewarding. The the choice bungs and putting the speakers close to your wall was investigated, but didn't unhelpful. The most likely origin of the trouble is the XQ30 has an extremely powerful existence output signal.

Listening evaluation efforts to fit the amounts of versions that are distinct subjectively often concentrate on the existence group (where the ear is the most sensitive), so a loudspeaker with powerful existence may well be played somewhat more gently than its rivals, to its detriment.

The XQ30 has an extraordinarily powerful existence output signal and the's top end character is not especially sweet if that describes it listening evaluation findings.

Also, the bottom end was not all that convincing and some group coloration was also heard.

This KEF is adequate stuff value for the money, also and among the very fashionable loudspeakers about. If the sound quality appeals, nevertheless, could be an issue of individual taste.

KEF XQ30 Floor standing speakers photo