Arcam A28 Amplifier

The Arcam FMJ A28 principle of operation is recognizable enough, with the large knob used individually and to adjust menu and volume settings-labelled buttons call up a couple more functions and to choose inputs.

Using electronic input signal- switching and volume control has empowered Arcam to offer such niceties as three sizes of volume measure, input amount trims, and equilibrium control.

There is also its practical capability to record one source.

Six line level input signals are supplied, with phono (MM-only) as conventional, too.

Internal building is generically Arcam stuff that is recognizable the circuit board is new (anyway!). It uses mainly surface-mounted components 'boutique' parts than the A38 but plenty of evidence of careful part choice.

As we've seen in other recent Arcam models, there's fairly extensive use of both electromagnetic screening and mechanical damping in the shape of suitable substances pasted to integrated circuits that are key.

Although it did not break up views fairly as noticeably the A28 brought forth some remarks that were divergent.

This is a classic example of the battle between immediately attention-grabbing sound and a presentation that leaves the pounds to take care of themselves, in the event that you'll forgive the metaphor that is fairly mangled and looks after the sonic pennies.

So should you care deeply about sound that's an immediate impact that is visceral, this might not be the amplifier for you personally. We'd rather dwell on its merits, nevertheless, which will definitely appeal to some ears.

Above all, there's a wholeness to the sound that's absent in the operation of affordable electronics, a sense that all the different instruments and voices do after all, belong to the same musical happening.

That is mainly a function of the practically self-effacing retrieval which it presents within an unfussy but exact way, often without one being consciously aware of it of the amp.

Tonal balance is likewise very great, with extended bass which, nevertheless, doesn't call attention to the by overstatement or impact that is exaggerated. Treble is sweet and perhaps merely a tad recessed, though always open and simple to follow.

Voices are nicely portrayed and the awareness of integration is usually not unwelcome, where some amps may seem to divorce the two, returning the lyrics to the bosom - unduly ahead vocals are a common complaint.

A high-energy amplifier is quite a well mannered one, with an unusually comprehensive phono stage also, which is a nice bonus, although the Arcam FMJ A28 is not It.

Arcam A28 Amplifier photo