Arcam T32 Tuner

m has a solid history both analogue (FM/AM) and digital. So that it is no surprise to learn of a fresh accession to the scope, but what is fascinating about the T32 is it features iPod integration, via rLead.

Is not this an unusual thing to assemble you might inquire? But on the other hand, why not? It is not difficult enough to construct iPod connectivity with some control logic inside, which these days means almost anything into anything.

When we requested Arcam a tuner to host this function was chosen by the firm, the response was easy: a two-line text display becomes necessary to work an iPod economically - ditto to get a tuner. Essentially, says Arcam, it was the easiest method to create an iPod interface right into a stereo hifi that is simple. You do have to add 'rLead' (£60) a or 'rDock' (£140) .

You will need the also helps with radio functions plus it provided cD90 universal remote control to get sense from an iPod. Fundamental tuning is not arguably more difficult in the leading panel, however, using the 'analogue-like'.

In all modes functions are fundamental but adequate: the one we overlooked is any means of quick-forwarding using a track.

Arcam has gone and fitted entirely different circuits while many current DAB/FM tuners work with one module for the two bands. The FM section isn't, as is regular practice, a whole purchased-in module, but Arcam's own layout centered on a little first period that is preassembled and followed by decoding processors that are high performance, including RDS.

High grade op amps handle sound stuff, while a great quality DAC converts DAB. Having an eye input signals contain Sirius radio (for sale in the USA). However, there is no digital output signal.

There is no denying this is among the greatest new FM tuners we have heard in some time.

We had reasonable results in inner London for a rooftop one was favored by most, although with the provided wire antenna. So equipped, a dynamic, dynamic sound was created by the T32 with remarkable discrimination between instruments and especially excellent bass guitar, strong and business with unambiguous pitch and clean attack.

The treble is not almost as bad: there is somewhat constriction than we have heard from some high end tuners, however once again we had need to state that performance here is about like it gets from any sub-£1,000 tuner. Stereo imaging is not bad with reasonable depth - a really crafty feature to get just right.

Exactly the same is mostly true though differences may be clearer with uncompressed sound.

Arcam T32 Tuner photo