Arcam A90 Amplifier

The A90 is a stereo piece in several ways an average line level incorporated with seven inputs, preout, dual loudspeaker terminals etc.

Like a lot of its own ilk, it provides a phono period in this instance, as an optional extra as an otherwise blanked hole is occupied by the necessary outlet without losing a line input signal. There are two 'tape' recorder output signals as well as a back-panel switch and power sections. This permits the power amp to be properly used individually, or a central processing unit may be added between both.

Arcam has additionally used the marvels of digital management technology to execute different screen alternatives and balance and tone controls. The menu system is really clear-cut and we especially enjoyed the range of three volume measures and 'thermometer' or numeric display of degree. A headphone socket and changing that is independent for every single loudspeaker output signal rounds out the all purpose picture of the A90.

In the unit, is heatsink and an ample mains transformer, which seems a lot more than sufficient to permit all-day high level listening in the latest climates. The preamp section has a unique board, with tone control circuits and high grade electronic changing, volume control.

Sound quality

Reading through the remarks created by our panel of 'blind' listeners throughout the primary subjective evaluation of the amps, we came to the final outcome that this amp's location in the system of stuff is unquestionably in proportion to its cost - among the less notable components but also among the most affordable. It was also generally believed that there was not much wrong with the fundamental functionality of the amp, with mostly impersonal tonality, and possible dynamics.

What did appear to concern our listeners was a slight dearth of musical communication. Remarks on 'clinical' demonstration, low degrees of psychological engagement and, worst of all, indifference undoubtedly point like that. Bass appeared more absent than with a few of the others in the evaluation. Treble was a color over- detail and brilliant instead smudged.

Detail is obviously the worst if the pricetag was, and contemplating it, we had have been surprised.

Arcam A90 Amplifier photo