Pioneer VSX-924 AV-receiver

This GBP500 home cinema power-pusher sports the exact same styling that is tasteful and shares a lot of the exact same specifications. But dig a bit deeper and you'll locate some essential upgrades that find new tendencies being embraced by Pioneer in AV.

Pioneer asserts the VSX-924 will pass complete 4K/60 p colour sampling, permitting it to possibly form part of a next-gen set up.

Ok, so perhaps it is much less future-proof as you could like, but the VSX-924 has been endowed by Pioneer with other characteristics that are state of the art. This is bundled in the carton, although WiFi is via adaptor. Pioneer does not like to construct it right for 'functionality motives', I am told.

There have been tweaks, also. The AKM DAC continues to be replaced the same while custom capacitors have been fettled to massage sound, you will see in some GBP1,500 receivers. The MCACC system package now comprises subwoofer EQ as well as the most common parameters, and Pioneer's LX team, who usually do not dirty themselves has finished tuning.

The AV Navigator guide that is interactional is now 'builtin' overly - plop the Pioneer and you are able to call it up in your cellphone/tablet pc/notebook.

MHL mystery

Connectivity is quite great, taking into consideration the price point. Among the input signals is mounted on the front, although strangely this is not any longer the MHL choice (it is now on the back). Subsequently there are two USB ports (one front-mounted) coaxial and optical digital audio input signals, as well as the standard tomfoolery that is analogue.

Speaker binding posts feel pretty robust. The styling, as noted, is near identical. You have reached the correct spot should you want things black chunky and symmetrical.

In use it is not the apparatus that is smoothest. The mixture of functional menus drawn-out attribute list and button-tastic remote can cause moments of discouragement. The small, lightweight handset was reconfigured, but nevertheless offers many with double functions and confusing nomenclature miniature keys,. I swiftly went to the program that was committed. Pioneer is up backwards compatible to 2012 hardware, plus it is completely beautiful, even instead of a tablet pc. A feast of interactive controls and natty images, it strives to describe what many of the attributes of the VSX-924 do. From here, experimenting with tools such as Phase Control or the Auto Sound Retriever becomes simple.

Outer space operatics

I used to be a huge supporter of the VSX-923's sound performance and this successor continues the work that is great. Once more, multichannel film soundtracks reap the benefits of a sound that's skillful at eking out detail and clear, concentrated.

With Gravitation on Bluray, the Pioneer approaches its DTS-HD MA 5.1 combination with cool, measured poise. Sound pans are directed with preciseness that was stellar, to ensure when Sandra Bullock's ill-fated astronaut is sent spinning in the opening performance, electro score skid and glide, and the mix panicked screams across the soundfield. This happens using the MCACC Room EQ system in use of the amp. Getting it set up entails the standard beepy-sound banter, and finish it definitely made great steps within my room, enhancing coherence and the entire equilibrium of the leading soundstage specifically. It is possible to tweak its settings, or switch away it, in the event you would like.

Together with the shootout in the close of Prohibition Era play Lawless (BD), the VSX-924 brings approach that is dynamic to ricochets and the gunshots. Foley effects are presented, again with pinpoint precision, and low frequency impacts impress. The AVR stays in complete control.

Do not mistake the deft handling for an old-fashioned nature, though of the Pioneer VSX-924: it offers remarkable force for its cost from its asserted 7 x 150W (ohm) relishes and power plant up-tempo music content. #Selfie was success by clubland streamed via Bluetooth (MP3), pumps with foot tapping vigour from my array. Really, the Bluetooth integration of the Pioneer means it is not so difficult to savor your digital library you will wonder why you purchased that budget wireless speaker.

M4A, WAV, fLAC and MP3 files all played from my network and USB. Naturally, audiophiles will find there is a feeling that it is grasping hard into its reservations, and it lacks when it comes to absolute smoothness and fluidity instead of coasting along unflustered, but this is, all things considered, a budget proposal.

Upgrades that are useful

Indicative of the somewhat slow moving character of the entry level/midrange AVR marketplace, the VSX-924 arrives offering useful improvements rather than the usual brand new strategy. And those with larger budgets and set ups that are serious and it will pass by, particularly when they've an eye which the Pionner can not manage.

Packaged with features, and amazing affordability, simply add a 5.1 array and you can sample real film audio.

Pioneer VSX-924 AV-receiver photo