Arcam miniBlink DAC

Nowhere to the packing box's very best three sides is it possible to see the word Arcam. Rather, this mobile DAC is described as 'miniBlink', with '123' added on a single surface. Because Arcam is a small business to be modest about, now this is not, it is because the Cambridge-based business is selling this small apparatus into a marketplace that neither understands nor cares what Arcam is or who. To put it differently, the miniBlink is a mass market, consumer sound product. And why don't you?

Arcam continues to be quick to advertise with the extensive selection of wireless and network-equipped DACs. This demonstrates the business has not been slow to recognise the possibility of a courageous new sound world where tablet computers and mobile phones are now our music sources.

So the miniBlink is directly aimed at a younger demographic, and perhaps their more cool, swinging and groovy parents also - but definitely not at people who've concerns that aptX might not be a enough high fidelity medium to carry digital sound over.

All the miniBlink must be is adorable, little and ultra simple to work with - and it's.

Really, Arcam suggests this is the way that it finds miniBlink being used by many it customers, flitting between buddies as well as family music systems we've got before everything on sale gets Bluetooth connectivity.

It is promised to be "as simple as 1-2-3" to create, and therefore it shows. This done, it's going to light up a wonderful shade of purple. Oh, and do not forget to plug the provided RCA-to-3.5mm cable into your hifi; there is also a 3.5mm-to-3.5mm lead contained too. The entire procedure is completed and dusted in only under a minute.

It is the audiophile variation, with a swanky alloy case along with an S/PDIF output. The miniBlink feels just like a plastic pebble that is very light; you wonder the length of time it'll continue without being scraped, although it is wonderfully surfaced using a polish finish.

Although satisfactory, the miniBlink would really not seem worse with either or both of the updated.

AptX shouldn't be worried about by audiophiles. Standard Bluetooth seems grotesque, but this particular wireless protocol that piggybacks onto it gives sonics that are adequate. We have never heard it that great, although it is promised to be as great as CD; instead it is best called fitting top quality AAC, which can be surely no bad thing.

Sound quality

The miniBlink reveals that aptX may be fantastic having a dynamic, musical, comprehensive and just plain fun sound when it is had a short while to warm up. The miniBlink reveals itself to be outstanding at capturing the dynamics of the song, and a likewise striking force is using amazing thwack and a lithe, supple bass guitar.


The miniBlink is well suited because of its planned marketplace, giving a flavor to mobile music fans that they could not be utilized to it stays exceptionally satisfying to hifi kinds that are tweaky also.

Arcam miniBlink DAC photo