Rotel RDG-1520 Network player

It does plenty, although it might not have quite as many choices available as the Marantz: streaming (wired or wireless) and internet radio that is playing, FM, DAB, USB.

It will support 96kHz playback just, though not off USB and off a network at 16-bit resolution. What is more, so that they are not highres in just about any sense, even though it plays the files it downsamples the to 48kHz.

That is somewhat weird, particularly high-sample-speed sources are decoded enough in the electronic input signals.

On a more positive note, the RDG-1520 is easy and pleasant to use, particularly when you are not overly acquainted with modern, computer- sound parts that are connected. It is got quite lots of buttons on the front but they are certainly tagged and changing from USB say, is pressing the correct source button, the same as on an amp or a issue. The standard twist'n'push management does a great job with the four-line screen and we located navigation quite clear-cut. Rotel's internet radio web site is very good and makes saving stations quite simple utilizing a web browser and hunting for, with settings which can be reflected on your RDG-1520.

Quite the standard set especially perplexing and connections will not be it, we believed, to place Ethernet on a USB outlet. You should make use of a (provided) wireless adaptor or outlet adpator to get going.

Sound quality

But there is real listening enjoyment and other areas of the Rotel's operation bring also. Detail is not bad, with imaging, being especially notable. The sound is a little although not to degrees that are offensive. Bass is fairly powerful and deep, though once again might wish for, but it helps make to get a 'large' sound with a lot of existence.

In the small quantity of testing, for some odd reason we did with data-decreased formats (mainly internet radio), we discovered this streamer the most skillful at sidestepping their drawbacks.

Rotel RDG-1520 Network player photo