Rega Elicit-R Amplifier

The longer we have understood the Rega Elicit-R, the more we have fallen in love with it. It won an easy five stars, but did not win its group evaluation at that cost, being only pipped by the Roksan Caspian M2 when we first discovered it last year.

What instantly catches our focus is how great the Elicit-R's awareness of time is: control and the agility it's over rhythms is extremely impressive. Play Of Guys's And Creatures Small Conversations and the Elicit-R takes the track that is positive forwards with self-assurance and drive. Such fluidity that is wonderful actually holds your interest, and the pure quantity of element it is in a position to dig up from whatever you throw at it helps this.

Instruments have an integrity with their sound that lesser amps just can not fit. Every subtle texture is maintained by piano notes as they decay and attack, drums cymbals crash and tautness, and hit with realistic impact.

Dynamically it is no slouch either, with the maximum amount of agility as it's the factor to deliver more sensitive sections of music to handle a bassline that is energetic and restricted in the method. Some might get the Rega has a touch of brightness as well as a little leanness, especially if you compare it using the full bodied Roksan K3.

So significant is the degree of transparency to its character, that it makes no effort to smooth over this, and we need to respect that. Whether you can find defects in a record you may make sure it's going to pick them outside, so we had be cautious feeding it low-resolution recorded stuff or badly.

It is still way from little filled our test room, and though.

At 13kg it is quite large overly - which helps the superior feel.

One dial functions as both the input signal selector as well as the volume control, using a press of the mode button changing between them both.

You will find five line level input signals, among which can function as a moving-magnet phono stage in the flick of a switch.

Circumstance could have helped this amp become our favourite only at that cost, but its persistent power to impress using brilliant time and its wonderful detail retrieval is the reason it is been in a position to hold to our fondness against competition that was great. It may function as most pricey amp here, but one listen to it is going to demonstrate why.

Rega Elicit-R Amplifier photo