Denon AVR-X2100W AV-receiver

The Denon AVR-X2100W is about doing things. Mindful that this cost is bound to bring the more experienced users in addition to its fair share of first timers, Denon has set plenty of thought into ensuring the X2100 is difficult to create, but that it is methodical also. Therefore, setup is an in depth but easy-to-follow romance.

Unlike Onkyo, Denon has kept Audyssey for its vehicle calibration, but what's new here is something we are fondly dubbing 'The Rocket' - a cardboard tripod contained in every carton to make sure you get the most precise readings.

Set together, plug in the Audyssey mic and slot it in the very best, and while evaluation tones are emitted, you might be prompted to set the tripod in eight different locations around your listening location. It will take about a quarter hour to finish, after it is little to ask, but you do. Occasionally these are on as normal.

These are one up on the count of last year's, so all setups needs to be catered for here.

Having the receiver could be carried out via onscreen menus, but iOS users possess a faster method: using the wireless accessory settings integrated to iOS7.

The receiver appears as an accessory underneath the wifi settings page, and also you merely select your network settings to be shared by it - we're running in significantly less than a minute and up. We play with a Bluray of show and Total Recall to the hover car pursuit between law enforcement as well as Doug. It is instantly clear it is a showing and precise amp, doing an excellent job of putting sounds across the area and picking out fine detail. It is well balanced also, with treble, midrange and bass holding a consistent, genteel character.

We had stop short of calling the Denon lightweight - there is a lot of power -but it definitely does not have muscle or the same impact as some competitors. Zing and the detail in the treble is a strong point, yet - it is clear and commanded something last year's version was not consistently able to boast, at volume.

Switch to music as well as the X2100 has a wonderful, expressive tone, with a lot of detail. It is totally satisfying and balanced, but compare it to something similar to the Sony STR-DN1050 and it could do using a touch rhythmic drive. A little more strike would not go amiss. We play with the music and via Spotify Connect, although we had still go for hardwiring for dependability.

The X2100W is a wonderfully made amp with lots to enjoy - an excellent user experience as well as a well balanced, comprehensive character. Nevertheless, its dynamic hesitance and its dearth of couch-shaking bass means itis a great four this time out.

Denon AVR-X2100W AV-receiver photo