Denon AVR-4520 AV-receiver

Somewhat dispensing together with the preamble, Denon's AVR-4520 gives it a great shake and takes the AV receiver marketplace. This main version does cost an important chunk of cash but it's among the very adaptable, well-featured and thought-out AVRs. Add to this a sensational sound quality that strikes an ideal balance between dynamics and detail, and there is an item that can certainly revel music and film buffs. It is loved by us.

The sole issue using the AVR-4520 is what peach of a characteristic to describe first. Personally speaking, it's the way it can output signal authentic 11-channel surround sound via DTS Neo:X processing.

As I am often reminded by the editor, not everybody needs a double-figure loudspeaker count. (He often injects the words 'nutter' into these tirades, also). It's possible for you to delegate the output channels that are powered and, in addition to the third HDMI output, create an extremely serious system in a different room at the same time. This powered AV zone may be controlled over network through the Denon Remote Program, getting round the requirement for IR eyes that were magic to drive it.

Connectivity contains seven 3D/UHD-able HDMI input signals. There is an onboard 4K scaling engine should projector or UHD panel be as time goes on in your shopping list.

The newest GUI will overlay all sources, including upscaled or native 4K video, and keeping track of what is happening across the HDMI input signals is not an issue with the InstaPrevue attribute of Denon. Click the dedicated button on a row of little picture-in-picture as well as the remote panels pop up as an overlay over the underside of the display. These show live content in the other HDMI input signals, click to choose the source you see watching next and letting you just scroll through. I believed it was somewhat gimmicky in the beginning, but after a week I realised I had been swapping between input signals applying this attribute alone.

Network understanding

As useful are the new networking features of Denon. Just select a tune in your iPhone/iPad/PC find on the Denon AVR in the output list and press play. The Denon automatically chooses the Airplay input signal wakes up and boogies on down to your melody within seconds.

And, thanks to an upgrade that went live throughout the review, the AVR-4520 additionally now comes complete with Spotify access, letting you log into superior services such as the high quality 320kbps streaming.

For those who are in possession of a fresh Denon BD player, like the DBP-3313UD, you can even use the latest variant of its own jitter of Denon -reducing DenonLink High Definition connection. Unlike previous incarnations, which are incompatible, the new link carries a clock sync signal, as opposed to the audio signal, as well as the sound connection stays in the HDMI cable.

Thus do sophistication and all these brand new attributes make the AVR-4520 a nightmare to create and use? Not in any way.

Build quality is substantial, including a number of the most effective loudspeaker terminals accessible on any receiver, as well as the newest screen and ultra-smooth fascia make this Denon's best-appearing AVR to date.

Operation that is volatile

The opening sequence is an absolute barrage of effects coming from every possible nook, cranny and corner of at you the room. A really immersive and three dimensional experience the AVR 4520 provides with power and stupendous clarity.

While old Denon AVRs boasted something of a gungho sound perfect for action movies, the past year or two has found self-possessed equilibrium across its range and a lighter, more tasteful, even though they did not have the chutzpah of their forebears. The newest AVR-3313 falls into the latter group but the AVR-4520 is very different entirely. Not merely does it manage to keep insight, the clarity and detailing of the AVR- it adds a powerful border that is dynamic and interprets basslines with an actual force that is physical. Here, Denon has ace a best of both worlds scenario; it is ideal for play and activity, children' cartoon and horror, films and music.

With Underworld: Awakening the sound of Kate Beckinsale is detailed all round the area, with each effect coming from an inky black silence. The getaway scene as well as skip forwards is the typical banquet of fights and gun battles that adrenaline is infused with by the Denon. Fast forward again to the scenes in town as well as the AVR-4520 shows off the way it can extract and present info in the cd in the most revealing manner; the ambient sounds of the city are enveloping and realistic, doors slamming sound like actual doors slamming, and every effect has an incredibly unique place in the area. The demo is outstanding.

Simon Pegg in Hot Fuzz appears harrowed as the outlines sharpen up when given the news he will be transferred to the united states and his facial features. In the hamlet shootout scene, quick-moving camera pans scroll effortlessly. Blown up onto a 120in projector display there are not many artefacts, or some blockiness encompassing things that were glowing on dark backgrounds or vice versa.

The fresh Denon Remote Program is very pleasant having a fashionable and trendy blue-black topic. The home page offers top line source collection as well as a volume control that is large, while picking onboard sources, including the FM tuner or 'net radio, turns into a dedicated control display. In several regards it is possible to see lots of remotes provided with networked AVRs for that matter, and Denon's new physical remote control, are becoming pared down apparatus with less buttons and definitely no elaborate touchscreen panels. A remote control program is the way forwards, and once you are acquainted with Denon's Remote Program you should place the provided handset in a drawer (although the functioning, look and feel of the Denon Program is not the finest in the company).

The AVR-4520 is an animal that is skilled, and the way it can manage 192kHz/24-bit will appeal to people who have high resolution aspirations. Curiously, to the list that is missing is an asynchronous USB input signal for connecting a similar or notebook computer apparatus straight to the AVR-4520 the DACs of. You could claim that the same outcome can be achieved by you above a network, but I believe you need to get the choice to just hook up a computer to play with music. Still, feed it a disc source that is decent - particularly the fitting DBT-3313 DenonLink HD being used by UD - and you get a really polished audiophile sound really. High notes with that mixture possess an open that is breathy quality, a lot more similar to well-off committed stereo gear than a home cinema-flavoured AVR.

Triumphal return

The AVR-4520 is a stunning, multi-talented machine which never stops impressing. Purchase with confidence.

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