As a class, digital-to-analogue converters were on the brink of extinction just several brief years past. With CD in fall as well as a variety of listening to digital taking its position of processes, DACs are a huge deal.

The C510 would be remarkable as a DAC given that it contains some connectivity I have not encountered before, but this is just half the narrative. In addition, it has volume control that is complete and has it sights set in your preamp.

The C510 must make sure that the amount of the digital signal could be corrected without changing the content itself to do that with any amount of foil. By removing bits of the level of digital fixing it (bit decrease) is not difficult enough, but is not a remedy that will not seem much bad unless the volume is wide open. To avoid this, the C510 takes upsamples them and all signals -bits.

It is not the initial time this procedure has been used by a merchandise. Volume adjustment is speedy as well as the many increments means you may set the amount you really need and not one you almost need.

This volume control has a useful set of input signals, to make complete utilization of it. Most noteworthy of those is some of HDMIs. All these are capable of decoding a stereo 24/192 signal before passing the video and getting it. That is a fascinating thought, even though the omission is a little pity, with Bluray sound constantly threatening to be an additional means of listening to hires. The C510 subsequently conveys to your fitting amp or RCA connections. These have no switch between them indicating they run concurrently, which will allow to get a sub to be linked together with a power amplifier.

There's too little strength in depth although this resembles a great spread of links. Additionally, there is no digital output signal, which the contest again normally fits. The dearth of connections that are analogue is clear as NAD makes excellent play of the 'purity' being not affected yet it will mean that turntable users must get creative to get a deck functioning.

The C510 looks just like not a newfangled Master show one and an NAD. I believe the gray has got a shade or two darker over time, but it continues to be gray and the C510 is not likely to be a merchandise that you purchase for the appearances. This said clear and the uncluttered lines, simple to read screen are welcome and the C510 feels well thought out to use and nicely assembled. As mentioned, the volume control feels completely 'standard' with great weighting and ramp. The feelings are assisted with the full function remote which while additionally not a matter of beauty, is not difficult to work with and reasonably well laid out.

Sound quality

Linked to a Cambridge Audio 651W power amp running into Awesome Impetus and interconnects 4i loudspeakers, the NAD makes a speedy and convincing claim that a completely digital preamp do not need to be characterful. Not merely does it make no impression on the C510's sonic properties, those properties are within what may be viewed as the NAD house audio.

Kicking off using CD of Gary Jules' Trading Snakeoil For Wolftickets ripped, the C510 has an almost liquid and effortless quality.

There's something in regards to the space afforded to instruments and voices that's reminiscent of tubes than digital processing that is serious. Vocals in particular are abundant, weighty and persuasive. The accompanying guitar is real also, to notes having a marvellous awareness. In addition, this is not completely inconsistent. Happily this can be a point readily reached in regular listening.

The performance's spaciousness allows to show another aspect off to great effect. The detail retrieval is really extraordinary also it's not unable to seek out minutes that are incidental in records that much more expensive and even quite competent competitors can miss. The smart element of this can be that due to control and the refinement, it really never comes across as callous or analytic.

This refinement isn't attained in the expense of impact and drive, however. Changing it takes on Dance Anthem with a genuine awareness of pleasure, deftness as well as speed.

NAD has reached its design brief using the C510 - none of this absolute skill has come in the expense of ironing the enjoyment from music, although it truly is a fantastic preamp that takes place to be digital. The clarity helps the feeling of agility and timing and the truth of the tonality is sufficient to make sure that the music's first emotion is kept throughout.

Going in this instance, the 24-bit/96kHz variation of Paul Simon's So Beautiful or So What, to high resolution files, finds the NAD make great usage of the additional info accessible. The nearly analogue quality that great hires can possess is revealed to good effect here. The DAC also appears not pretty concerned about it is reached by these files. Running the exact same files throughout the coax and then from a Cambridge Audio 752BD through HDMI shows no perceptible differences. Given how many Bluray players have halfway respectable UPnP renderers assembled into them, the HDMI connections start to create an excellent deal. Provided, needless to say, that you just are not intending to make use of the sound output signal from the player everywhere as that HDMI output signal is video just.


The C510 is an uncommon merchandise.

The function that is planned is not timid as well as in a industry that tends towards the conservative, I could see it encountering with just a little opposition from some quarters. The analogue preamp is now a place where systems have fine tuning applied for their operation, also entrust the job to your own digital front end and to just knock it out of the body will require a little getting used to. In addition, there are unanswered questions about what the phonograph record fraternity is assumed do in these conditions.

In management terms it acts just like a preamp and the equilibrium of input signals is just correct while I am not entirely convinced, those which are fitted offer quite consistent operation and work well. And it is the functionality which makes this product really exceptional. Your volume control is not just suitable as well as the NAD C510 is an obvious indication that joining your decoding, it may also be excellent also.

NAD C510 DAC photo