Rega Elicit Amplifier

Any similarity to the present amp is not profound at most, as this layout is not old in layout, specification and theory.

It is an 80-watt-rated amp assembled right into a familiar-seeming Rega case.

All around the mounted mains transformer would be the parts, mostiy surface- that do amplifying and the commanding. It is not a lineup of the favourite components of everyone, and there is lots of signs though some attributes are recognizable enough the layout is exceptional in a number of manners. Input signals are changed by relays and volume is fixed by means of a Wolfson electronic control, while modern bipolar transistors handle output signal with onboard temperature -detection. The six routine input signals are line level by default, however an internal phono stage is a choice. There is also a power amp input signal for updating or future growth.

One place where Rega is very much in line having lots of believing that is audiophile is electricity supplies and there's wide-ranging regulation of supplies for various phases of the amp. On the flip side, the mains transformer, while absolutely effective at supporting the output signal power rating, isn't as outsized as some.

Sound quality

He missed penetration and some clarity in the sound.

That is a shame, because according to his co-workers he was losing some full bodied, red blooded music-making of significant mental power. The truth is the person concerned is among our most fussy regulars about tempo and dynamics, from which it seems this is not the most dynamic amp.

But it is way from the least and in 'kick', it simply lacks the last word in lots of ways it's an excellent line in dynamics. In addition, it has a few of the finest of this group, quite excellent bass. As one would surely expect only at that sort of cost, it is expanded, but it's also nicely tuned and extremely clear, making low melodic instruments very simple to follow along with.

The superb imaging helps keep a feeling of preciseness which proved particularly useful. Only sometimes the sound can appear a little overly brilliant, but is balanced and midrange is impartial.

Rega Elicit Amplifier photo