Mission 792SE Bookshelf speakers

I have been a lover of great lumber finishes. The very first time that I laid eyes on my grandma's magnificently polished piano that is a characteristic that is remained with me, and I used to be solicited.

When unboxing these loudspeakers, when greeted with a piano finish rosewood veneer, I had been anticipating yet another nondescript black box but was happily surprised. The sole level surfaces of note were about the foundation as well as the rear panel which sports a vertical array of 4 loudspeaker terminals for bi amping or bi wiring as well as a sizeable interface.

Being used to loudspeakers that usually sit well to the area, the Missions failed to need to play ball in any way. than I usually would. This did not appear to phase the scaffolding and it actually added weight. They were set a short 1/2 metre from the back - that was wall a place that appeared to satisfy them nicely.

First listening was done using the small Marantz SM80 (90W per channel) which is a mainstay in my own system for the previous couple of years. This performed reasonably well, but give it a drive that was decent plus it gets a bit. This is no different here, but the Assignments were pretty forgiving, having a sleek smooth high end as well as a soft textured midrange. These small speakers are significantly in-depth and more controlled although my AR SC20's, but let us be honest here, they are in a category that is different. Compared, the AR's have a smaller and much suppressed soundstage, the top end is incredibly rolled off, along with the bass by comparison is flabby and slow. These small wonders happen to be doing that to other loudspeakers for decades, although my small MA Monitor 7's give them a small run for their money though. Beside these, the Missions had greater depth and extension, and were tasteful but I believed that even though the MA's didn't as low, the upper registers were glassy.

They got a brutal border to them when driven hard, and were limited.

With amplification that is adequate, courtesy of the Perreaux E2 in the helm they spring. Give them a strong rock track, a big orchestral score, or something to sink their teeth into plus they perform admirably, the mids complete and textured, the bass tuneful and sound.

These small wonders begin and quit on a dime. I can't recall a speaker in late times that's as quick as these, and it is incredibly refreshing. Most loudspeakers possess a level of overhang in the bass guitar, these have none of that. Along with that, notes (particularly stringed instruments) are incredibly textured - adding an emotion to music which is lacking in a lot of loudspeakers - and truly source gear today.

They allow you to forget they are there. I spent several hours the other day getting lost, listening to commercial radio.

These are not loudspeakers. Highly recommended.

Mission 792SE Bookshelf speakers photo