Rotel RCD-1520 CD-player

Loved and having possessed a pre/monoblock amplifier system from Rotel in days gone by, I 've lots for this nearly- their approach as well as boutique Japanese manufacturing company to the sphere of hifi and home theatre.

Their parts are often stripped of unneeded flashing lights and worthless widgets, aesthetics have been fit with great sound quality for the dosh and while the better than capable build.

To cut a long story short, although the Plinius/Dynaudio system was about three times the price, it did not obstruct my valuable Rotel and simply did things differently when it comes to sound quality /Castle Harlech/Esoteric/Pink Triangle equipment at all. Both spaces were similar and we thought highly of the acoustic guitars and likeness to every other when it comes to measurements/floor coverings etc., although they were in different rooms obviously

So it is to mid-cost hifi as opposed to the evasive pursuit for high-priced audiophile esoterica thanks to manufacturing companies like Rotel for my leanings toward budget. Why pay more if pricey gear can seem so pleasing?

It's the sole CD spinner in the firm's main 15 string, but the RRP of $1499 has it firmly in mid-cost land. The RCD-1520, a built player utilises a slot loading mechanism a la Mac Mini as an alternative to a tray system that is traditional and is attractively styled and engineered. Rotel chosen for 24-bit Wolfson dac's for d/a conversion (I could not discover any additional details regarding the real dac used) while Burr Brown op amps have been set due to their low distortion characteristics.

Connections on the back panel are somewhat less exciting - jane stereo RCA output signals are given as well as one coaxial digital output signal. Toslink or no XLR here people! A 12v trigger for custom install systems is contained in addition to an RJ45 Ethernet connector for firmware upgrades.

So that is the hardware described up the RCD-1520 guaranteed considerably and appeared amazing in the flesh. It was time find out exactly what the flavour was like and to taste the sweets.

My magpie-like fire for HiFi knows no bounds, so the RCD 1520 was trialled in several systems (simply to be sure to see).

Following a suitable warm up interval it had been clear that I had been listening to some CD player that is decent. The sound is maybe a touch on the bright side, but definitely has a whole lot of verve and pep.

I considered the time of the 1520 to be a touch over the average, perhaps top-notch to my much in fact -beloved Raysonic CD-128. Where it did not quite compete with this player was although great and through the group, only lost out in complete terms with an oh-so negligible veiling of group detail and emotion. The power of the RCD-1520 to create a soundstage was likewise reduced when compared with Raysonic, although the player that is more affordable was able using a great '3D' dimensionality nicely to picture.

Listening shown a fantastic CD player with sound performance to fit those supermodel appears. Although we may be finding the decline of the silver disk as a medium, the RCD-1520 is a serious contender for the middleweight crown.

Rotel RCD-1520 CD-player photo