Denon AVR-3808 AV-receiver

Scarlett Johansson - that is where my head goes think of the Denon AVR-3808. Denon have upgraded their latest range of receivers to move to a smoother and even more feminine appearance, away from a chunky, tough outside. Personally, I am still not convinced. At times it seems fantastic using sculptured knobs and its curved fascia but from some perspectives it only seems a bit odd. And that is exactly the same with Scarlett. Half the time she looks hot as; occasionally I believe both hairdresser and her fashion stylist in secret despise her and dress her up to seem strange on occasion.

Forget about mucking round; into the way that it seems, I Will get right. The 3808 at 130wRMS which means nothing apart from the very fact that Denon believe it's more powerful than my own 100w RMS Denon AVR-3805 is rated by Denon. I often concur.

To my AVR-3805 the AVR-3808 undoubtedly has more oomph in midrange but although the 3808 shows exactly the same heat over the entire frequency range. With higher pitched notes like the voice of the Chris Martin of Coldplay the 3808 presented the tight management I anticipated but I really could identify no progress from my own, personal outstanding 3805.

Midway through the film The Rock, there is a ferocious gun battle between a squad of Marines and Navy Seals.

Holes just like a colander

It's output signals and inputs everywhere. I will not list them all as me to departure and it'll bore you, but is has everything you'd expect from a $3,500 receiver. The back panel is laid out well with all the loudspeaker terminals down low greatly reducing the fowl-nest effect, making adding or removing other devices much more easy.

When Denon upgraded their GUI, I am uncertain but it's now far better than on the earlier versions I've played with. It's now fairly easy to use and quite modern looking, in colour. The automated set up is activated via the GUI and is easy and quick though manual is likewise a choice.

One is a huge, black semi touchscreen job that's been around since '06 versions. This remote is a hate or love affair.

Another cool feature of the 3808 is the capacity to plug in a iPod dock and have the ability to work with work the iPod from the remote control of the receiver. That is considerably less hassle than getting off the sofa, walking to the iPod and snapping onto another course and really convenient.

Please Denon, swap my 3805

I believe the 3808 is the match of any receiver in its category. Actually, the 3808 closest competitor could be the AVR-4308, its big brother. At an inch taller than its small bro, it wears the brand new more curvy layout far better. But unless you're showing off or actually need the 2nd HDMI output signal or the wifi abilities I could see no purpose in spending the additional $2,000 as the 3808 is pretty much the entire receiver that is.

Denon AVR-3808 AV-receiver photo