Yamaha DSP-AZ1 AV-receiver

This one has been coming for some time. The Yamaha DSP-AZ1 is the latest flagship of Yamaha.

And to anyone that has been theatre for just about any period of time, this type of prospect is similar to the release of a vault load of long lost Beatles tunes. It is a huge deal.

And for a lot of the time since, the field is led by Yamaha.

To be sure, there's much that's truly exciting about the 'Z' - a fresh appearance, new processing processors, new environment formats as well as new amps. However, the important thing is the fact that Yamaha is back using a brand new main rig - and things that are significant are changing.

It is not private - it is company

Besides the weight, the initial noticeable thing, is cosmetically the Z is a straight- faced. It is as if Yamaha have said: "Flag the elaborate stuff lads, we need a design that just says 'we mean business'."

And company it's. Somewhat serious and a large appearing lover can be found above the amplifier stage, indicating there's some additional steak in there. Happily it was never heard in regular functioning and is allowed for high output.

At what Yamaha are doing, but it does suggest: in enhancing fundamental element parts on the sound side of the equation, the Z's priorities lie: in a nutshell, they are building an ideal beast with the eye on the entire sonic equilibrium.

Are you able to spell r.e.l.i.e.f.?

On startup the deep awareness of relief that is sound was nearly overwhelming. The seductively smooth hash-free sound was inviting and warm. While there's a feeling of topend glare on my A1, that is not totally present on the Z, replaced with what can only be described as an separates-design audio that is incredibly comprehensive and full bodied. Both movie and music appeared to have greater elasticity without irritating leading edge hash seen in other products, and intelligibility.

That is functionality typically found only in the huge station amps that are different. And it absolutely was all achieved using the Z just idling along.

Just how can I drive this thing?

But while the sonics are a real characteristic, what's unsatisfactory is the user interface. While it remains among the easiest to use and has functioned Yamaha nicely for a lot of generations, it's now showing its age.

Where other units are providing default start up default sources and quantities, Yamaha is still offering the exact same basic shape as the 10 year old DSP-A1000. Throw in things and the entry level remote seem somewhat less than you could anticipate to get a 21st Century main receiver from Yamaha.

To purchase it's best to purchase

Because its seems so bloody great you had purchase it.

The Z is not the animal that is perfect - but it's bloody near. The sonics may make users believe that's an open and shut case. The remainder is gravy that is sound.

Yamaha DSP-AZ1 AV-receiver photo