Rotel RSP-1066 Surround processor

Family reunions are always interesting matters. Occasionally explosive. Occasionally disclosing. Occasionally plain great pleasure.

Most of all, it is to be able to catch up and compare notes also to see whether exactly the same manner walks and speaks.

So that it was with a feeling of reunion the Rotel RSP-1066 preamp chip was introduced to its family-brother; the Rotel RMB-1095 five channel amplifier that is excellent.

The family characteristics of Rotel were evident for all to see, if these two were separated at birth.

You are a station short, should you get both products!

Why a dedicated chip?

The theory says parts that are committed are not inferior since they're 'specialists' in their area. Unlike other all in one-box solutions, dedicated products construct compromises and offer fewer layout. Therefore it's by using the Rotel RSP-1066. And at the serious home theatre enthusiast who might be looking to keep with two channel music along with multi-channel film soundtracks, Rotel are aiming at $3399.

Serious opposition comes in the type of the Label McLaren, Meridian and Carry On preamp chips.

But while sonics are the draw to get a specialist components in this league, the ergonomics of multi source, multi-environment format chips can not be dismissed. As does simple connectivity to other parts simple use for me at least, stays a major factor. The 1066 provides a variety of interconnections including computer interface ungradeability and outside remote and outside zone 2 facilities, two quite useful 12 volt causes (that enable remote turn on off 12 volt equipped amplifiers) and part substitution.

The unit is a victor.

The processing of the unit relies around AKM DAC's and ADC's and there's a peculiar turn in the bass guitar crossover is done, while the analogue pass does stay analogue throughout.

Sonic sensibilities

At the conclusion of all this is actually the sonics. In the end, for exactly the same cash quite competent all in one carton amp-chips could be appreciated offering a lot of the exact same facilities.

On paper you've the finest of both worlds: or with the Italian defence, a Brazilian offence in the existing World Cup parlance!

And in practice that is the way that it's. The leading edge of effects and dialogue is captured with no awareness of interim. You've got sibilance little and there's a fine line to walk to sonics like this and you've got sludge.

That great sonic equilibrium is the thing that separates the big boys. And the Rotel can maintain to be running with all the big lads. Remember 200 watts is running across five stations using the clean precise committed processing power on top. That is pure and precision, electricity sound that supplies a lot of signs that home theatre sound can simply outperform the movie theatre when it comes to detail, environment intelligibility and imaging.

It's the miniature history details that come from soundtracks which make you conscious of what you have been lost. And that detail could be set fairly and directly to control and the power of the RMB-1095 as well as the excellent 'service delivery' of the RSP-1066 processing.

Bottom line? Some ergonomic that is minor quibbles apart, this is home theatre sound in the border of the performance envelope.

And during the period of writing, I am not convinced they've yet had the opportunity to fit it.

Rotel RSP-1066 Surround processor photo