Rotel RMB-1095 Amplifier

This amplifier is not really light that it needs wheels that are little to assist owners steer the amp in stand spaces that are tight.

Adorable touch, but undoubtedly needed. Toroidal transformers, with 200 watts across all five stations, this amp is large enough to want those casters that are little.

In the get go the RMB-1095 was in complete control. Arriving in the machine late in the day, I began with what should happen to be the somewhat muted sound of the news on TV3. However, what I got was newsreader's voices that I just had not heard.

The verbal voice of the newsreaders sounded important, the weather was absolutely menacing and the adverts seemed more sensational.

In a nutshell, the system was being ruled by the Rotel RMB-1095 juggernaut with the iron fist because it is show-time with no one get in the way as well as the music is the key event.

I began with something straightforward. Of Promises from Lyle Lovett's The Road, the verbal story is a highlight of the record.

The Blue Nile CD A Walk is a great mixture of fluid bass lines, piano, formidable dynamics and little percussion. It stays a test disk as the tunes themselves are not so weak as well as the record has this kind of equilibrium that is broad. From dynamic swing of Tinseltown in the Rain and little details to the depth the Rotel 1095 made the music come with the detail into focus and punch you can anticipate beyond the concert hall. Rarely, although I have heard numerous times to the Blue Nile record in this way.

The payback of the power of the Rotel isn't volume, it is detail. The precise control of note decay and top transients offers a way of articulate portrayal of soundtrack occasion or actual live music. That is what sets good amplifiers apart from ones that are great; the power to model truth through tight management of the rise and fall times of sonic occasion or every note. And that's really what the RMB-1095 did. Each note ended in the finish and began in first. No wavering, no stopping, no editing that is early.

There's a lot happening in the soundtracks but the Rotel kept dynamic force and the fine control that turned these soundtracks into actual occasions. I truly felt anxious throughout the car race scenes in to just F&F when the Rotel relaxed and quieter into went scenes more quiet

All sensational material that puts a stack of CDs/DVDs to the carpeting as well as the smile on the facial skin as voicings and new musical colors come through from over familiar music or soundtracks.

Using the RMB-1095 is as easy as it gets. Featuring balanced input signals or five RCA or a DB25 connector for input signals and five-way binding posts on the back and that is it. So the 200 watts at your disposal is that which you get, there's absolutely no bridging facility. With rare exceptions, it'll be sufficient.

Sometimes there are specific products in sound that allow you to get happy you picked movie or music as a second or first love. This can be one. As the Rotel RMB-1095 will cause you to swoon with joy as it makes the fundamental things which make music or film soundtracks come alive over a simple number of capacitors and transformers or volts and watts.

Of reviewing sound products in some 14 years, the question had never been asked by me. But I did so.

Rotel RMB-1095 Amplifier photo