Denon AVR-1802 AV-receiver

In regards to home theatre receivers, Denon happen to be lately on a roll. They've created some receivers that especially have seemed better than many competitive products and offer strong performance in most regions when doing what may, in the beginning, seem to function as the easiest of jobs - that of copying stereo music.

The version under consideration is a portion of the 02 show that is new. It includes a couple more attributes plus a more rated power compared to lower 1602. In real life of loudspeakers, speakers will be driven by the AVR-1802 with increased authority in relation to the difference in power rating over the 1602 would indicate.

Unlike a few other brands, the evaluations of the Denon are defined according to the US FTC specification; some brands use much freer specifications in order for his or her amps to appear more strong.

Among the larger differences between the 02 and 01 collection is the inclusion of Dolby Pro Logic II. Licensed through Dolby Labs and manufactured with a well-known audio engineer, PL2 was created specifically to take standard two channel stereo sound and reprocess it into five channel surround sound. In addition, it should work nicely for pictures.

When it comes to characteristics the 1802 hits on all the right notes. There is a modest smattering of DSP surround modes that are mostly worthless that manufacturing companies insist upon.

Overlooking are decoding what you'd expect to not locate on a receiver in this price range: component video switching and amplification for a center back loudspeaker and onscreen images.

One attribute that is not increasingly common these days is an input signal to get a turntable.

There is undoubtedly within my head the worst element of the receiver is the remote control. Unchanged in the bottom two versions in the 01 set, the remote is too small for the amount of buttons, meaning that it is tough to press the right (little) button. The battery compartment on top of the remote makes the control top heavy, meaning the remote is not unlikely to slip out of your hand, heading right to the ground.

I have consistently uncovered that the digital processing as some might suppose, but from the sound of the amplifiers not dominates, the sound of AV receivers. That is one reason why I always start my auditioning of AV receivers as it is more easy to hear the differences in this way.

Missing in the AVR-1802 is the vibrant and harshness, quality that is overbearing that lots of AV receivers suffer from. I have discovered that after several CDs or a film - not a great hint I am left having a head ache after some time!

That the AVR-1802 is missing these negative "traits" is an excellent beginning. But let us look at exactly what the Denon does correct.

Listening to the AVR-1802 revealed that it was not atypical Denon. The receiver has a heat and simple to pay attention to quality which is lacking in many AV receivers.

The tuner was likewise superb, showing qualities that are similar to the amplifier - a sound that is warm and clean. The tuner section of the 1802 picked up an enormous amount of FM stations from my place on the North Shore in Auckland.

Film audio was just outstanding. Discovering a reasonable receiver with no brilliant and unpleasant sound of several receivers enables without battering their ears film watchers to relax in their films.

The viewer was set within a surroundings that was acoustic as was thought by the sound engineers working on the films.

I am tremendously impressed with all the operation of the Denon AVR-1802. This is "best buy" stuff and comes warmly advocated.

Denon AVR-1802 AV-receiver photo