Yamaha RX-V1200 AV-receiver

That is how Yamaha seemed several months past. They'd released an assortment of AV receivers only before Pro Logic II arrived and, while many other makers jumped about the bandwagon that was PL2, the Yamaha receivers were immediately left seeming old.

The RX-V1200 brother RX-V2200 intention larger and to rectify this. For the RX-V1200 is one AV receiver that is completely packaged.

EX was tied into THX certification, which added prices and - I understand - philosophical issues to Yamaha having EX-HUSBAND.

Nevertheless, EX was just triflingly simple to execute, and the exact same matrix circuits as was found in Pro Logic. So like many makers, Yamaha offers EX-HUSBAND under a non-EX banner.

Along with the film environment formats, Yamaha is famous for their own DSP (digital signal processing) modes. 22 such ways are offered by the RX-V1200, with some 44 versions. This writer has consistently disliked such DSP modes (I enjoy my music and pictures unmolested!) So my music listening was stereo that is straight and pictures were right DTS or Dolby Digital.

Considering most of the devices having to be connected to AV receivers today, some receivers look not extremely generous using their links. Not the RX-V1200.

You'll find six AV input signals (which mean they have video connections along with sound) and four sound-only inputs, along with a six-channel external input signal for future use.

The RX-V1200 contains pre-outs for all channels, a good touch if you later need to include different power amps.

Audio and vision

Powerful. That is the word that sprang to mind instantly with the RX-V1200. The Yamaha gave the impression of being quite strong as well as in control.

But there is more to the RX-V1200 than simply power. In previous years I Have disliked Yamaha receivers, finding them aggravating and amusical to listen to - to the extent that I could not have them in house. I am not sad to find that Yamaha have made great strides with all the power of the AV receivers to copy music.

Together with the RX-V1200, the preceding competitive strategy has been greatly toned down. The RX-V1200 was by no means wimpy and light. The previous aggressiveness was ameliorated to an assertive behavior.

But most Yamaha enthusiasts purchase their products due to pictures. Utilizing DTS theater modes and the straight DD, the Yamaha was a great performer. The potency to the audio translated across to pictures in a affecting and outstanding manner.

Yamaha possess a victor using the RX-V1200. It's going to attract the vast variety of Yamaha fans as well as appeal to people who have been never enamoured of Yamaha formerly.

Yamaha RX-V1200 AV-receiver photo