Rotel RCD-1070 CD-player

Because the early 1980s Rotel has generated a constant flow of great-sounding amplifiers and CD players, generally targeted at the audiophile on a budget. Thinking through what I recall of the amps and CD players within the previous 15 years, I can not think of one that I Had rate worse than "great", with several of their amps and CD players being quite good to outstanding.

For 2003 their hifi line has carve in to two components. The "Euro" or "02" collection is mostly small and completed in silver.

But that is the very first hifi element in the 10-String we have looked at. It will not be the last.

All the 10-String parts come in a very "butch" appearance, with strong and hefty casework and manages quietly. That is a significant difference in the Euro Series.

The disk draw of the RCD-1070 is centred, with transportation controls on ancillary controls to the left, and the proper below a screen.

Many audiophile companies pay lots of focus with great reason - to the power supply of the products. Parts selected for sound quality are also used by the analog stage.


That is a great CD player in a cost that is very good.

On the exceptional Live album by Alison Krauss Union Station, the crowd sounds in the start was filled with subtlety, instead of a sound that is homogenised. There was likewise a feeling of depth to the soundstage.

The sound was never unpleasant or "in your face", only balanced a bit more forward compared to other CD players under evaluation.

Among my favourite hifi evaluation pieces gets the benefit of also being an album of jazz trio music that is excellent: Revelations by Cyrus Chestnut. The record actually showed the strengths of the Rotel RCD-1070 off. The bass guitar pitched and was consistently quite strong and strong.

Seventies R&B vocalist Bill Withers has been on high compilation CD Lean On with his rotation here lately With this CD a pacey and exciting sound was shown by the Rotel, with the emphasis on the R&B beats. The sound was somewhat forwards in comparison with the other players, but never unpleasant.


Rotel's run of great sounding hifi continues with the RCD-1070. Subtlety is combined by a strong sound using a hint of forwardness, the Rotel with a lot of time and speed.

Rotel RCD-1070 CD-player photo