Sony MDR-10RBT Bluetooth Headphones

Sony has lately returned to stereo in a big way, meaning a rather poor relation of more dynamic categories for some years has a headphone variety which is becoming near the size after treating two channel products as it. Bluetooth is featured on several versions as well as the MDR-10RBT sits in the center of the line at its GBP170 price point that was comparatively competitive.

It is among the trio of full size cans using Panasonic and the JBL, meaning it partly encloses the ear and covers. It uses a set of 40mm neodymium drivers and Sony has seemingly deemed them harmonious with HD stuff.

Sony has been skillful at designing visual dash that is just a little into products in keeping with this particular aesthetic, while preventing 40mm neodymium drivers looking in the manner of a mass and gaudy colours as well as the MDR-10RBT is. Crimson trim appearance smart without being brash as well as the layout and the gunmetal casings is refined and clean. That is just another version that does not fold, apart from the earpads placing level if you do thus, and it's relatively streamlined. It's also incredibly comfortable having a nice mixture padding making to get a layout that's easy to wear for longer intervals and springing.

In addition to appearing pretty good, it is nicely assembled and feels a bit higher priced and strong than it costs.

Sound quality

Somewhat more sensitive compared to the group average, the Sony does not strive the evaluation amount to be reached by the DacMagic XS and once there, it continues to do a great many things right. It can do this on pretty low powered headphone outputs and is also in a position to go loud without tipping over into aggression or harshness. With Mazzy Star and Pink Floyd the MDR-10RBT seems incredibly persuasive.

It is imperfect, however. Together with the Competing Sons test track as well as other listening performed outside of the fixed bits, there's a small depth to the lower midrange that will rob the Sony of a small fine detail of this type and there isn't the awareness of space and placement that the Philips is able of. These foibles do not take away from the JBL's ability to both be amusing at the same time and precise. With instruments and voices, it possessed of authentic scale and manages to seem believably real. Together with the powerful Kraftwerk piece there's amusement and an extremely joyful balance of power.

If you think about the grown up but still quite bright aesthetic, the strong build quality, relaxation levels that are adequate and appealing cost, you've got a headphone that manages to function as the most effective all rounder here.

Sony MDR-10RBT Bluetooth Headphones photo