Denon AVR-2803 AV-receiver

It appears odd somehow, beginning close to the very top of the food chain and working my way down, but that's what's occurred with Denon receivers over previous months. My reviewing of the merchandise of Denon began together with the AVC-A11sr then and to the AVR-3803 and now all the way down to the AVR-2803. Although there is a regression that was steady through the range, one thing has stayed constant: Denon have yet to disappoint.

The AVR-2803 is at the center of a long line of home theatre receivers it's anything but mid degree, and although this could be a mid level receiver, on the basis of functionality and the characteristics it offers.

Before looking ahead only at that receiver, we have to look back at what it's replacing, what would compel anyone to update to the 2803 from your AVR-2802. The AVR-2802 was acclaimed by many users as being excellent affordability, so why the newest version and a strong performer?

When listening to audio CD's was its smoothness and heat most noticeable about the AVR-2803. This receiver was quite powerful in the mid range. CD's were really simple to listen to for great lengths of time.

Home theatre is what this receiver is about and home theatre is what it produced.

The AVR-2803's smoothness that was shown with CD playback was transferred across to the home theatre world, just this time using the 7.1 in the 5.1 settings that I use, there was no problem regarding bottom end punch.

My recently acquired R1 version of The Lion King (yes, I confess it, I possess it) is packed with home theatre good, particularly with all the excellent musical opening score using its mixture of choir the superb orchestral music as well as the heavy bass of the elephants stomping along the AVR-2803 copied the environment encounter nicely with my home theatre living with all the sounds of Africa.

Directional ramifications of the AVR-2803 was quite great, with environment action easily found when needed (special sounds in the surrounds) but equally the AVR-2803 combined the environment action to the general character of the film to just envelop the listener.

Ninety watts per channel does not seem like lots of electricity in today's terms, but for home theatre, I didn't find it lacking (especially as the use of a subwoofer is much more "okay" in home theatre experience than normally accepted in hifi groups). The AVR-2803 could make do being shoved to amounts that are louder than standard and keep up those amounts for as long as desired. Despite the fact that the receiver was shoved like this, it still held its kind and did not let highs become glowing and around bearing (as can occur with lesser receivers). Until someone attempted to get my focus loud just did not appear.

In today's era of home theatre, it's impossible for businesses to rest on their laurels and think "well, we have done all that people can and our merchandise is great enough".

Just individual user preferences can discover when it is rewarding upgrading from 6.1 to 7.1, but if you're in the sub-$3000 marketplace for a home theatre receiver and you do not need to lose enjoyment of two channel sound, locate one of these and give it a trial.

Denon AVR-2803 AV-receiver photo