Yamaha RX-V1500 AV-receiver

Once I was growing up, regardless of what area, there were these study-hard geeks who sat in the very front of the class. Only at that point I believe if I caused you any grief once I used to be young and immature, I must apologize to you personally. I discovered that the Yamaha RX-V1500 is a bit like a few of my former classmates that were geeky; when you're incorrect, it is clever as hell and does not mind telling you.

Simply plug in the mic that was provided, set away it and you are done. As soon as I got this receiver house, like any ordinary kiwi male, first thing I did was place the education pamphlet safely to a side and after that carried on to plug in all my loudspeakers and component cables to the receiver from my projector.

Following several minutes it told me that my environment-back- was joined in the incorrect polarity. I checked the connections and then reran the setup assuming it was some kind of fresh receiver glitch. The machine said that I cannot identify the difference between reddish and black. I declared in the device, not for a second considering I could be incorrect. Only at that point my partner said to cease having a "bloke's appearance".

While some may claim that the sound quality can be improved by them by carrying it out manually, I believed the Yamaha vehicle setup was brilliantly intelligent, as well as a timesaving apparatus. One thing I'd inform, other than of course linking things correctly, is the fact that you turn down the sub volume and follow the owner's manual directions. Manner down!

Vital statistics

Now in the event you are a guy that is stats afterward you'd be quite impressed with this particular machine. It's 7*120 Watts for instance, newish Pro Logic IIx, with all the decoding choices beneath sunlight. Unlike preceding Yamaha varieties, the RX-V1500 contains THX Select certification. The receiver itself is a fairly decent size, it's obviously taller than most receivers and at 15.5kg it is definitely heavy enough to indicate some grunty internals.

The receiver could never be recognized as anything besides a Yamaha merchandise using its large volume knob. The front panel comes with a big door which conceals lots of input signals and dirty buttons which scar the face of several receivers. Where the front is good looking the back panel is completely covered with outputs and inputs.

I reviewed the RX-V750, the model which was totally impressed with its functionality and sits right below this one. The RX-V1500 will rough you up when the manager thought, for example when both Terminators and the crane in T3 are fighting.

What surprised me was how wonderful the RX-V1500 sounds with music. Like lots of men, my partner hasn't unlocked the funds to really have a hifi system and my theater system different, so it is significant to me that my receiver sounds great with pictures nicely as music. When listening to music, the "Pure Direct" mode needs to be applied to get the most from the receiver. Pure Direct bypasses all of the decoders and central processing units of the receiver to reduce any variables which will impede and decrease the standard plus it really makes a real perceptible difference.

All in all the RX- V1500 is an excellent piece of clothing. It is chunky, huge and good looking. Sounds amazing with music and pictures and for the cash I can not think of a better given receiver at $1999.

Yamaha RX-V1500 AV-receiver photo