Sony SA-WM500 Subwoofer

Having said that, the Sony SA-WM500 is a great option if you're in the marketplace to get a low priced home theater subwoofer.

The bass response on the device is not comparatively dull. There are not any muddy tones when the audio as well as viewing films is distortion at mid volume settings. This might be an issue for many people, as the mid volume amount is loud for film viewing, but I did not mind. Sony maintains a bass reply range of 24Hz-170Hz. I loaded up my sound test CD and believed it was somewhat questionable.

I wouldn't advocate using this in a music system while it is an excellent home theatre subwoofer. The bass response is great enough for pictures, although not as satisfied to music playback. The subwoofer just seemed like it might keep up when examined using a reasonably bass heavy techno CD as well as the tones were a little muddled. Naturally, everything you hear is determined by your music selection. In the event you are more of a country lover, the Sony SA-WM500 will do fine with maintaining your music clear and fast - heavy and techno, ancient rock fans should steer clear however.

I'd advise this sub for an affordable home theatre set up. Enthusiasts and music fans will likely need to try to find something else though as slow response time and the poor low range is only going to cause buyer's aggravation.

Sony SA-WM500 Subwoofer photo